9 Methods To Calm Down And Not Worry About Anything

Sometimes we are searching complicated receipts to improve the quality of our lives. Yoga, meditation, or anything else – all of these are just the wrong methods and a waste of money and time. The key to your success in the part of distressing and getting rid of all negative impacts is in these 9 simple advices you can take for free.

Calm down and enjoy what you have gotten on Jiji

1) Get yourself occupied with something else

1This method of distressing is good in those cases when you got into a trap and there is no other way out. For example, you could be sitting at the meeting and listening to your boss saying completely illogical things, but you cannot say anything. In this case, you can occupy yourself with something else. For example, look at your colleague’s manicure and think where she could make it so well or maybe it is possible she made it herself?

2) Come out of the irritating situation

2Something made you sad at someone’s birthday? You cannot stand some kind of group, public or a page in social networks? You are dreaming of deleting an unpleasant person from your friends’ list? Hey, come out of that group once and forever! Ban the unpleasant person, dude, or whatever he/she is. Take a taxi and don’t spare your money to get right away from this picnic, party, barbecue or whatever it is with the irritating atmosphere all around.

3) Physical détente

3Everyone knows about this method, but unfortunately, nobody uses it. So we are going to remind you once again that intense physical exercises help you relax your muscles and distress your organism. You may use such physical exercises as:

  • walking by foot;
  • swimming;
  • general cleaning-up of your apartment;
  • sex;
  • working in the garden;
  • dancing;
  • destroying all the trash you got at home.

4) Get into the contact with water

4Washing the dishes is a free of charge séance of hypno-psycho-therapy. The noise of clean running water mitigates fatigue and takes away all the “dirt”. Except for washing the dishes, there is another common classic – take a bath, a shower, or go to the baths. Refresh your body and it will help your mind.

5) Could be worse

5You are not okay with the outcome of the occurrence? Imagine for yourself that it could be even worse. But it is not, and the results you have now are pretty much okay. If you manage to master the art of experiencing such feelings, you won’t need any psychotherapy at all.

6) Laugh

6Laughing is one of the strongest stress killers. To make yourself laugh, call your friend who is always ready to share some jokes with you, or watch one episode of Sponge Bob animated cartoon. In a word, find something that will make you laugh and forget about the stressing situation you got into.

7) Count to 10

7Just count to 10. Slowly and thoroughly. While counting, control your inhales and exhales. Do it in your head, not aloud. This is a recommendation of doctors and sport trainers.

8) Cry

8It is not a surprise for anyone that crying relieves you from stress. All the toxic elements that are being created in your organism under the influence of stress hormones leave your body together with the lachrymal fluid. If you cannot cry about your own thing, invent something in your head – any kind of compassionate story that will make you cry.

9) Verbalization of everything that’s in your mind

9Talking or verbalizing of everything that’s in your mind is a good tool to get acquainted with the cause of your stressful state and fight it back. Say it aloud or better write about things that are bothering you. Face your fear and never let it stand in control of you.

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