How To Apply Foundation On Heat

How to apply foundation cream when the weather is too hot? Best of all, of course, do not apply. Every beautician will confirm that in the heat the skin without foundation has  enough problems, so no need to complicate its state. But there are situations when you need to look your best, such as prom, wedding or anniversary. Of course, in each of these cases, the skin must be perfect. But there are also those for whom looking good – this is the daily work! How to be in such cases?

It is necessary to use the tonal products of high quality

If you can not live without foundation and contouring despite the heat, it is best to choose a makeup products among drugstore brands or the number of products of known cosmetic brands – so more likely to get product’s with minimal harm to the skin.

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Chose foundation taking into account the skin type

It is necessary to take into account your skin type. Oily skin, on which in the heat any cosmetics “floats” needs foundation with antibacterial, astringent and drying effect, so it would be nice to see, for example, salicylic acid in its composition. It is better avoid products with matte effect in the heat. Under the influence of high temperature, the pores expand and emit large amounts of fat, so the matting particles, most likely, will not cope with it, but certainly clog enlarged pores causing acne and comedones. As for dry skin, it at any weather needs moisture, therefore it is required to moisturize it before applying makeup. Typically, such skin has problems such as enlarged pores, black spots, pimples, redness and inflammation, so rarely needs tonal products, but if you really want, you should choose a foundation with moisturizing effect – it help to hide wrinkles and align skin tone.

Foundations for problem skin

Problem skin with large pores and, perhaps, pimples, shouldn’t be tortured with coverage, no matter how desirable is thin procedure. Foundation will not improve it’s condition, but can worse it! The larger the amount of the trouble, the stronger the skin needs to be treated, not the foundation. Therefore, instead of a cosmetic shop is better to go to a specialist to find out the cause of the problem and methods of its solution.

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Cleansing the skin from makeup

Even if you use qualitative products, they still clog pores. Two major components of foundation – the base, often silicone, and a pigment. The heat, alcohol, nervous excitement and other factors, make the skin pores to dilate, and pigment particles get there. If the pores are large – the chance of getting pigment stuck is higher. No wonder beauticians are advised not to skimp on such cosmetics! Of course, in heat skin needs a more thorough cleansing – both from cosmetics, and dust, settled on the day. Going to bed without removing makeup from the face  – is a recipe for acne and clogged pores. Ways to cleanse are a lot – from the use of ready-made store products, to homemade cleaning recipes of masks and scrubs!

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