Carved Candles – Luxurious Idea For Interior

Carved Candles is a unique product that can become a perfect gift for your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues for any occasion. And as an exclusive piece of furniture such candle can become a highlight of your interior, and add some romance and coziness to your home. Soft candlelight gives comfort and a sense of peace, beautiful handmade candles are not a banal gift at all for any celebration and are the perfect complement to the romantic dinner.

Look, how fascinating the creation of carved candles is!


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Multilayer ornate candle are similar to sculpture – all of them are cut by hand, by the technique of the XVI century.
The uniqueness of the technology is that the artist has a very limited period of time, during which he can cut from paraffin or wax a complex figure. Not more than an hour passes from the time, as the hot wax starts to harden. After this, the material becomes too hard, and starts to crush after the cut.
When the candle is ready, it is covered with a protective acrylic varnish. After that, the item is ready for use at home. These elegant accessories, like a vase of colored glass – harmoniously complement any interior.

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Candle Carving

You can quickly learn to carve beautiful candles using the candlefun system.

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Carved Candles How it’s made

Карвинг свещ – как се прави.

Arte Vela Carving Candles

Carving a Medium Candle

The first mention of carved candles brings us back to the XVI century, when the style of “Baroque” was born in Italy. It has penetrated into all spheres of human activity, such as fashion, construction, art, painting, interior design and so on, and was characterized by the desire for greatness and splendor.

The only source of artificial light at that time was a fire, so the candles had wide popularity. Demand creates supply, and there were whole guilds of candle masters. Candles were sold in small candle shops in all cities. In the sixteenth century humankind  had not heard anything about the oil refining, and candles made by filling in the form of tallow and beeswax. Beeswax candles burned longer and better, and they smoked less and smelled better.

hand carved candles, Schnitzkerzen

Hand carved candles,

But wax was difficult to obtain, so these candles costed more expensive. So, at the time, to keep up with fashion, raise the price of their products and increase sales, in Venice for the first time was created an idea to made incision, and create “petals” with all sorts of curlicues while the candle had not yet cooled down. It was a real breakthrough in the candle business and the craft began to spread first throughout Italy and then throughout the world. Of course, at those times the carved candles were not colored, and so they were not as beautiful as they are now. But they were made by hand and therefore were very much valued. And even in our days they are considered luxurious. This craft was not lost and came to our days, but the history of candles as the only source of light was already over.

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How its Made Waxations Hand Carved Candles

First we take a scented core (6 point star) and dip it into various colors to create nice blends. Afterwards one of our Artisans cuts and carves it using special tools to create wonderful and truly eye beholding candles. They are 100 % Hand Crafted and scented. Waxations Live Love Light!

Now candles are a part of interior decor, an important part of serving a festive table, and an original gift for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, New Year, Christmas, Easter, weddings, St. Valentine’s Day, etc., as well as for management and colleagues.

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