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Cool Motorcycle stunts: How To’s

Tricks on motorcycles vary in complexity, risk and level of training. Some elements – for example, burnout is easy to perform and there is no risk to perform it.


But when it comes to the real cool flips and acrobatic tricks – this stuff is studied within a few years sometimes.

But the first thing you should do is to thoroughly explore the subtleties of performance. And, of course, overcome your fear!


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Burnout is one of the easiest tricks. Clamp the front brake and simultaneously add gas. Yes, it would be nice to switch to the first gear and release the clutch. It is precisely in this lies the greatest complexity.

Burnout 3

It is easy to clamp the front brake, but not everyone dares to twist the throttle and release the clutch.

Burnout 1

Burnout 2

Wheelie & stoppie

One of the most popular tricks is riding on the front wheel (stoppie) or rear wheel (wheelie). Riding a wheelie requires retention of balance. You can work this trick to automaticity in a short period.


Riding at the front wheel is not a particularly dangerous. The main thing that should be remembered – you don`t need a high speed for this trick, and that you control a motorcycle, using the brake lever.


Frontflip — flipping in the air

This trick is considered to be virtually unenforceable among the experienced riders. The main problem is that away from the ground, it is no longer possible to change the trajectory and speed of the motorcycle, which should be enough for flipping in the air. It all depends on the correctness of acceleration.

Front flip

Front flip 2

This is one of the most dangerous and coolest tricks on a motorcycle, so they perform it quite rare.

Stranger circle

Stranger circle – power circle (circling at higher revs), in which the rider puts his right leg on a driver’s footboard (controls the rear brake), and the left one – on a seat or passenger footboard and keeps two hands on the right clip-on (controls gas).

Power circle 1

Power circle 2


Cross is an acrobatic trick, in which the rider stands on the seat or tank, and the bike moves.

Typically, a cross is a part of combo: elevator-> cross-> acid drop. The rider can also stand on the boom or the passenger seat.



Headstand is an acrobatic trick in which the rider stands on its head, resting on the driver, the passenger seat or tank. The trick can be executed backwards and forwards. One of the options is no-hand headstand.

Headstand 2

Headstand 3

Headstand 1


Performing this trick requires not only extensive training, but also the availability of lightweight motorcycle crossover. In addition, for this trick you will need a trampoline to be able to get off the ground.

Superman 1

The essence of the trick is that the rider using the springboard flies up into the air, and the next moment release the wheel and grabs the seat or the back part of a motorcycle. Thus, the result is soaring in the air Superman. The hardest part is to grab the wheel and land properly.

Superman 2

The control goes to seconds, so the rider should be very concentrated and quickly perform all the actions. Danger in the performance is in everything – in overclocking, in correctness of jump, clarity of all the actions, landing. Oh, and don’t forget to put on a helmet!!


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