How To Do Everything In Time And Work Less?

If you are working every day barely keeping your consciousness alive and there are still lots of tasks ahead, then it’s the time to change something. The style of your life is something you should change following these simple bits of advice.

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#1 – If you spend 12 or more hours at the office table and in any way cannot manage to execute all the tasks, then the time for changes has come

1Don’t follow the model that doesn’t work. If the receptor is bad, there is no way, you will become a good chief. Some of the successful sales managers made it a rule for themselves to call their potential customers in the time frame between 8 and 8:30 am and from 6 to 6:30 pm when there are no secretaries yet or already at work, and so one can reach the managing stuff directly.

#2 – Interest, energy and the skills level fall and rise all the time

Trying to work in those moments when you are feeling bad is not productive. So you better plan such moments and mention them in your schedule than try to overcome them and look for hours at the computer screen with no productivity.

#3 – Doing less doesn’t mean being lazy

3Don’t give way to the custom that puts personal sacrifices above personal productivity. Being productive and being busy are two completely different things. One shouldn’t evaluate the volume of the work done – evaluate the results and reject all the other things that take your valuable time without giving a reward.

#4 – Stop putting for later complicated decisions because of “unsuitable moment”

This kills your productivity. If you are waiting for a perfect moment to resign, to take up on yourself more responsibility, or get involved in a new risky project, waiting for the right moment is just the tactics of delay.

#5 – Ask people for forgiveness, not permission

Waiting for permission is the simplest way to put for later or avoid tasks you don’t want to do. In such a method one can cast the blame on someone else. But if you want to do something, but you think that your offer will be abandoned, just do it! If the damage won’t be catastrophic, you still can amend everything or ask pardon.

#6 – Put emphasis on what you are strong at and don’t try to correct your weaknesses

6The majority of the people reach the level above the average only in a couple of spheres. In all the rest of the life areas, they are quite weak. Attempts to strengthen your weak points will only lead you to small inconsiderable improvements, which will draw you a bit near to the average level. But if you concentrate on your strong points, you will get a chance to advance in this definite area, therefore, benefiting from it more.

#7 – Learn to use stress, don’t let it weaken you and deprive of self-confidence

Bad stress is your boss yelling at you or unworthy critics. This is quite unpleasant, of course. But without a definite level of stress, you will hardly get a fair number of motivation. The examples of a “good” stress are the examples that push you forward. Those are the risks that make us go beyond our comfort zone.

#8 – Put unrealistic and very ambitious goals

When people put “smart” goals, they enter the zone of fury competition. Crazy and unrealistic goals are easier, as fewer people try to achieve them.

#9 – Forget about time-management

??????????The time-management tips usually teach us to manage to execute more tasks per day. But in fact, we should concentrate on doing less – to execute all the difficult tasks and forget about all the rest. Being able to respond to messages quickly is not one of your best skills. It only means that you spend too much time on an unproductive stuff. Concentrate on things that bring you results.

#10 – Some of the things just take your time and constantly repeat

Do all of them at once! Unresponded messages, unfulfilled applications, and other similar things are better to be done all at once when gathered in one huge heap, rather than in between of some other more valuable tasks.

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