How To Find A Good Employee For Your Company?

There are numerous advices for people searching the job. But there are few of them for those looking for the people to hire. So what are the tips we can give to recruiters and employers? Let’s find them out together!

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What features a good candidate must possess?

The first thing any employer should turn their attention in their potential employees at is their personality and those extraordinary features everyone must possess.


1It will be hard to achieve the goals you set for your company if the employees working for your common goal are not passionate about it. Of course, it will be impossible to identify whether the potential candidate is going to be passionate about working in your team, just notice if he or she is eager about the kind of business your company does.


2Even though the candidate might not know anything about what your company does, is he or she ready to learn? If not and he/she is just looking for any kind of old-fashioned job, exclude that candidate right away.

Problem-solving skills

3The competition among all kinds of business is really tough nowadays. And your company will definitely face many problems every day. Does your potential candidate possess any analytical skills and is he/she ready to come up with quick solutions? If so, that’s a very good sign.

Relevant experience

4Does your candidate have any similar previous experience in other companies? If so, that’s a good sign too as it will be easier to get him/her tuned to his new team and new work. Besides, some previous practical skills can push your candidate for new fresh ideas when he/she comes to work in a new environment.

Motivate them from the very beginning

If you are defined with the candidate and you are 100% sure you want this particular person to work for your company, then you must do everything possible to make them interested. There is nothing new that the high salary is the best motivator, but there are other no less important working conditions that might interest your candidate a lot. Those can be free educational courses, upgrade qualifications trainings, company’s participation in different famous events where its employees can get a chance to make some valuable networks, and many others.

Use the right sources

The Internet sources are the most frequently used ones in job search nowadays. So they are the instruments you should use first.

Job search web sites

5The very first thing every recruiter should do is place an advertisement about an open job position on the web sites that are specializing on job search like Everything that comes next will be done for you – a lot of people will see your advert, will send you their CVs, and your job will be to sort them out.

Social networks

6Use such social networks like Twitter or LinkedIn to spread the word about your company and that there are open positions. The advantage of finding potential employees on the web sites of such kind is that the people who are following you or somehow connected with you on the social networks, are already aware of your business and its peculiarities. So it will be easier to find an employee who will be already half-prepared to work in your team.

Special gatherings and events

7There are numerous events and gatherings being organized all the time dedicated to strengthening business connections among different companies and for exchanging ideas. The events of such kind can be a perfect opportunity to get people know more about your company and to lure some valuable employees to work for you.

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