What To Do When You Have Free 10 Minutes At Work

Most of us sometimes have extra 10 minutes with nothing to do at work. One could have already reached an agreement with the customer, handed a report, schedule an appointment, answered all emails or has been waiting for the customers, but working hours have not been canceled, which means that you must sit and do nothing till the working hours are over. one option is that you could just sit and waste the time, but here are a few useful things to do while waiting!

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1. Make a to-do list for the day, week, month, year. Or it could be a wish list or a list of goals. It will be very useful if you do not write these lists just for writing, but seriously consider every item you include. Get back to them from time to time just to amend, specify, and change. Besides, it would be very helpful to highlight the items you have successfully done. and the goals you’ve achieved.

2. See what movies are shown in the cinema, monitor the theater’s repertoire, what is the schedule of performances and concerts of your favorite artists. For this, the desktop computer with an Internet connection is just enough. But at home, you will be relieved of this and already decide in advance when and where you want to go.


3. Taking an advantage of the benefits of civilization at work and connecting to a free high-speed Internet, it is possible to compare different goods on Jiji and choose the desired product, even if you have no desire to buy it online. This will reduce the time spent in the store and your own indecision when opting for something particular, as you will know for sure what you want to purchase.

But will you still want to go to the store if there are the best propositions of hundreds of items available on Jiji?


Whatever your condition is by “doing nothing” make it bring you positive emotions only. It doesn’t really matter how you spend your spare 10 minutes of working time: in meditation or sleeping; watching a movie, wrapped in a blanket, or together with another episode of your favorite TV series; visit relatives, old friends, or spend time in the dreams of the coming holidays!

It is important that even if you are alone, there are no cases to get depressed, and spend time with the benefit for yourself. Remember! What matters is that in the older ages you will not have to regret things you did not do, and act as the heroes of the movie “The Bucket List”, hastily doing what they wanted to do all their lives. Bold and in some cases even crazy things should be evenly distributed throughout life – so it’s the right time to enjoy it with Jiji!

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