Funny Painted Shells Save Snail’s Lives

 When the Swede Stefan Siverud lost his job, he had a plenty of spare time. He noticed, that many snails are accidentally crushed because of unnoticeable colors. He painted snails with different patterns and logos! In the process, the artist learned that these animals turn out to be not so slow as considered by the majority of people!

“On moving snail nothing is impossible to draw. Later I found out that they’re hiding in shells when it’s too cold, too hot or too dry. They remain inside for a long time, and you can normally work! “- Stefan says. For two summers Stefan decorated about 70 snails.

 Stefan Siverud called his project “Snailpimp”. Such a simlpe idea started whole Internet-boom of painted snails. If you want to create something like this in your garden, please, use non-toxic paints, which you can find on Jiji! Such creative paints on shells make snails visible not only for humans, but for predators!

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