Future Technologies In Health-Care

Can you trust your life to a robot-surgeon, your health – to the electronic bracelet, and diagnosis – to a mobile application?!


You surely can, because the scientists, by virtue of the latest scientific achievements, create unique developments that tomorrow will surely become a part of the medical industry and public health.


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Da Vinci surgery system

Da Vinci is a robot that will not be able to play the guitar, as dreamed in many science-fiction movies, but it can easily hold the most complex medical operation.

Na vinci 1

The truth is, the robot will be remotely controlled by human. This complex mechanism will allow automating many processes and implementing accurately and confidently even the smallest manipulations.

Na vinci 3

Na vinci 2

daVinci Surgical System Overview – Penn State Hershey

http://pennstatehershey.org/davinci The da Vinci® Surgical System provides Penn State Hershey surgeons with an alternative to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy, putting a surgeon’s hands at the controls of a state-of-the-art robotic platform. Our surgeons can perform even the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with unmatched precision.

O2amp – glasses that indicate diseases and moods

These are very unusual glasses!

O2amp 1

The research team 2AI Labs has created O2amp glasses that allow you to determine the saturation of human skin with oxygen, the concentration of hemoglobin in your blood and heart rate.

O2amp 2

They will also help find veins under the skin, identify internal and superficial injuries, as well as some types of diseases.

O2amp 3

Phlebotomy O2Amp Glasses review

These are the new O2AMP glasses from 2AI Labs. They are useful for phlebotomists, nurses, and other clinical personnel involved in medical procedures where perception of vasculature is important. In good light you WILL notice vessels and veins that are otherwise difficult to see.

Skin Vision scanner app

Skin Vision startup uses your smartphone and special image processing algorithms, which allow users to track their moles. Release of the application for the Android platform have been hold in the year 2011. Since then the app has been downloaded 200 000 times.

Skin Vision 3

At the moment the system is actively developing. The application work process is simple: you just need to take a picture of a mole, the photo will be processed by Skin Vision, and the program will remember the size, shape, color, and other attributes of a mole.

Skin Vision 2

Skin Vision 1

Here’s how the SkinVision app works

SkinVision is a unique mobile app that allows you to check and track your skin health. Download SkinVision in the AppStore (http://bit.ly/SHWPWw) or visit us at www.skinvision.com

Download Skin Vision app:

[appbox googleplay com.rubytribe.skinvision.ac simple]

Rio – new laser epilator

Soft non-aggressive impact of a new laser epilator allows you to not only quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair, but also to carry out the procedure almost autonomously – the compact device scans and deletes the unwanted hair.

Rio 1

It’s surely more effective than any hair-remover!

Laser epilator Rio differs from analogues of home photo-epilators with additional capabilities, which are used in the SPA-salons. Scan function and automatic removal of hairs allows you to purposefully influence exactly on the desired area of skin with the hair bulbs.

Rio 2

Rio laser epilator favorably also has a well-thought-out safety system, different operating modes, 5 types of power, allowing you to select the level, which will correspond to a particular type of hair.

Rio 3

Rio Laser Hair Remover – permanent laser hair removal

Laser hair remover Rio on sale on http://www.laser-hair-removal-remover.co.uk and www.laser-hair-remover-removal.co.uk

Prevention of diseases: FitBit ? Target Weight

Developers pay a huge attention to prevention and diagnosis. Today you can see many devices that focus on that. One of such devices is the FitBit, which gives the possibility to track human activity for the day, analyzes the quality of sleep, counts the calories.

FitBit 1

FitBit 2


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Download FitBit app:

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[appbox googleplay com.fitbit.FitbitMobile&hl=ru simple]

Today, there are a lot of mobile applications for smartphones for tracking your health. For example, software for smartphones Target Weight.

Target Weight 2

This program is interesting because it can interact with the tonometer, pedometer and weights, supporting data transfer. Thanks to the collection of such information, this service allows you to observe the dynamics of your health.

Target Weight 1

With this program the user will be able to see how much calories he/she spends per day, about the amount of the excess fat. The program, based on the data obtained, which can be stored not only on a mobile phone, but in the “Clouds”, advises its master what they need to change in their life to stay healthy.


Download Target Weight app:

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Electronic underwear Smart-E-Pants

Smart-E-Pants designed for bedridden patients who have the risk of bedsores. Every ten minutes the underwear will send an electrical impulse that causes the muscle to contract. And it doesn’t matter if this definite part of the human body has been paralyzed for a long time.

Smart-E-Pants 1

Smart-E-Pants 3

Smart-E-Pants 2

Smart e-pants

Mon, Mar 19: Thirty percent of hospital patients who are bed-ridden end up with sores on their bodies. The sores are painful but in some cases — they can be deadly. The treatment has evolved from nurses rolling patients over to giving patients comfortable cushions to now something entirely different.

Jiji is one of the best places on the web, where you can buy inexpensive goods for health and beauty.

You haven`t seen such an assortment anywhere!