How To Buy Clothing

Shopping for clothes divides people into two completely different groups: while some enjoy looking for new clothing and trying it on, others find it a chore and wish they would never have to go shopping for clothes again. The second group of customers are the ones who now prefer online shopping – it has all the benefits of making purchases from the comfort of your own home without having to sacrifice valuable time into going from one store to another. Find out how to shop for clothes online the right way and never be disappointed with your choice again!

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Take your body measurements

Much like shoe shopping, successful clothes shopping is impossible without knowing your measurements. Note that we’re not talking about size here, because sizes differ from one thing to another and from one retailer to another. However, if you know for a fact your measurements, you will always be able to find the right size using the sizing guide provided by every reputable online store. The most important measurements are height, inseam, waist, bust, natural waist, hips and natural hips, and sleeve length. This is a minimum set of measurements that will always help you select the necessary size.


Always consult the sizing guide

There are so many clothing brands and manufacturers that sizes differ greatly across retailers. You can wear size M from one retailer, but then you go to another store and the only dress that fits you right is L-sized. This is why it’s so important to never depend on the size alone and use your measurements instead. Every respected online clothing store should have a sizing guide or a converter where you can enter your measurements and find out which size from this brand is the one for you. Remember to update your measurements regularly, especially if you’ve recently lost or put on a bit of weight.


Study the reviews

Most clothing websites have a review section for each of their products, where customers who already own a particular thing can share their opinions and give advice to future customers. Don’t let these reviews go unnoticed, especially if it’s your first time shopping from a particular brand. There are many things that can go wrong when you order clothes, and the experience of previous buyers will help you avoid a lot of mistakes, like choosing the wrong size or believing a thing fits differently than it actually does.


Check the materials

There are not many things that are more frustrating than getting a dress you love made from the fabric you hate. We understand that it’s nearly impossible to understand which material was used for a particular item from an online store, which is why you need to carefully check the description to see the contents of the fabric. If you’ve found the description, but still don’t really get if you like that fabric, it’s a good idea to open your wardrobe and find a thing made from the same material. For example, if you’ve come upon a stunning dress made from polyester, but then you remember that you already own a polyester top and hate how it feels, better avoid buying that dress.


Know what you can accept

A good way to avoid disappointment while shopping for clothes online is to be prepared that the items you receive may look slightly different from what you’ve seen on the screen. They can have a slightly different cut, fit, or color scheme. If the change is not too drastic, and your new dress or suit was a great deal, then you can simply accept the fact that it’s not quite what you expected, but it’s still a good item. However, if the received item looks too different from the original, it may even be a dupe of some expensive clothes, so if you’ve paid good money for the dupe, you have the right to demand a refund or a return.


Make notes

Whenever you come across a good item of clothing, remember or write down the name of the brand, the cut, the material and the size. This information will definitely help you in the future: not only will you know which size you wear from that particular brand, but you will also know which cut and shape fits you perfectly, which will make it much easier to shop for clothes in the future. If you want, you can also leave a review on the website – if someone else’s review helped you make a good purchase, your review may also help someone.


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