How To Choose Electronics

To solve the problem with an additional TV in the apartment or, for example, a cottage you can buy used equipment. Or you want to try yourself as photographer or just want video camera – ads of used stuff are very attractive. But be careful – often occur at too attractive prices mask fact that there is no new  device, and seller sells because of malfunction of his electronics. However, it is important to take a responsible approach to the issue of the choice of used electronics and hare are some advices how to do this safely!

Be careful – read safeto tips before purchasing!

Buying used laptop, PC, TV, camera, etc, you need to pay special attention to their state, because there is no warranty and, in case of damage, you will have to pay a lot of money for the repair. In order for when buying used electronics and buy quality device, you must follow next rules:

1. Pay attention to the appearance of the device. It shouldn’t be obvious physical damage – dents and scratches. Also, inspect all parts of it. They should not be traces and the signs of overheating. On the hard drive of leptop, for example, must be special seals, the absence of which indicates that device have been repaired.

2. The device should be turned on from the first time. If it switches from the second or third time, or only after a time after turning in the socket – this is a clear sign of the power supply failure. Buy such a device is not necessary, as might occur in future more serious problems.

Of course, if you was informnated about problems it is a bad tone to start bulling the seller! On Jiji you can find honest sellers!

3. The device should work quietly. Fans should not make noise and vibrate. The noise from the hard drive of leptop indicates its obvious faults. If the fans are noisy, they should be lubricated or replaced.

4. Check the device with special software operation. Check laptop and PC with special soflware, turn on camera, find the way to check TV –  you pay money not for the good loking.

5. Check all the ports and connectors of the. Very often fail USB ports, network and sound cards.

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