How To Sell A Tablet

The main advantage of Jiji is that there are all categories of goods in one place. It is very handly for buyers, but also for sellers – you can create one account on one site to sell all things you don’t need anymore! Of course, here you can easily and quickly place the ad about selling the tablet.

Jiji – buy and sell easy!

The benefits of the global Internet in the sale of high-tech equipment, including mobile phones, tables, etc, are obvious. You do not waste time trying to sell your gadget on market, or for friends, or even through newspaper advertisements –  such audience is too small compared to the army of “the World Wide Web” users. Place an ad on Jiji, and the result will not take long!!!

What do you need to do before selling tablet?

1. Delete all your personal information.
2. Perform hard reset on your device
3. In your ad describe, how long you used your gadget.
4. Note, did you renovate it.
5. Describe all users characteristics and specificity of working of you tablet.
6. What complectation you provide and do you have guarantee paper ( even if it is expired).

Ready? Time to make an ad!


To do this – click button “Post FREE Ad” on main page of Jiji!


And here is a stepwise instruction how to post ad!


 Be smart – use Jiji!