How To Sell Shoes

Most people pay special attention to buying shoes. For example, you can be a bit wrong when it comes to the size of a shirt or a sweater, but you can`t be wrong with the size of the shoes!

In order to successfully sell shoes online, you should know general laws of sales on the Internet and some special rules as well.


In this post we will reveal you some of the secrets!


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Suggest a good product

Nearly 38% of people buy shoes spontaneously when they come across a beautiful pair. Hence the first conclusion – produce quality and beautiful shoes, they are always easier to sell.

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Introduce your product

About 11% of people first look at the shoes online – they choose the model, type, material, design, manufacturer, shop – and only afterwards dare spend their money on a purchase. Hence the second success-create an accessible presentation of its shoes and brand on the Internet.


Publish your product catalogue with the description of models, prices, and other information. It is interesting for a buyer and useful for you.


Let them think you are an expert

Know your product better than your client. He turns to you for the knowledge, experience and better shoes. In this situation, you need to be an expert.


Not only show the shoes – help them learn something new about the product. What materials are these sneakers made of? For what season will they suit? What inspired the creator?


Who is your customer and what is he looking for?

With time you will learn to recognize the type of client.


You will understand how to recognize customers intending to make a purchase, and those who are just walking, someone who knows exactly what he is looking for, and those who have not yet decided for sure. Ask them questions. Meet them.

Offer a choice

Imagine: the buyer wrote to you in search of a pair with heels of white color. He specifies the model of boots in the catalog and wonders whether there is a pair of his size.


While looking for the necessary pair, show the client few similar pairs he might like. He may not even notice them in search of a perfect pair.


Include all the necessary information in the product description

  • The original dimensions of the manufacturer and international counterparts. If the initial size is unknown, enter the length and width of the product inside and outside.
  • Describe color, type (evening, casual, sports, etc.) and style.
  • Describe the materials, and design, if you are selling used shoes, describe its condition, noting all defects.

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Types of bonuses

  • Sale;
  • Seasonal promotion;
  • Two pairs for the price of one;
  • Gift for purchase.


 Sell shoes on Jiji – the largest marketplace in Nigeria! Huge rate of visits (4,6 millions of visitors per month) guarantee the success of your business!