Must-have Apps For A Smartphone 2016

It seems that developers of mobile applications know exactly what difficulties we encounter in everyday life.

To calculate something (or to allow the application do it for you), to organize the content, to find lowest prices in town, to remember all of your passwords, to find like-minded people without leaving home, to plan your budget – there is plenty of stuff to do!


Here is another collection of useful applications to download, which will noticeably simplify your life!


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Wi-Fi Passwords

Every time you enter the password for the new Wi-Fi network, Android carefully saves it somewhere in its depths. However, if you, for some reason. need to view it, nothing comes out – you will only see the stars and nothing more.

Wi-Fi Passwords 1

Wi-Fi Passwords app helps to solve this problem and view stored on your device passwords in order to move them, for example, to another smartphone or share with your friends.

Wi-Fi Passwords 2

Download the app:

[appbox googleplay simple]


It’s a substitute of a standard keyboard for Android that, firstly, enables you to draw gestures, and secondly fixes typing mistakes based on context.


Drawing input requires a short period of “adaptation”, but after a couple of days, you start typing on the keyboard of a phone almost as fast as on a PC keyboard.


And the shortcut bug fixes means that according to previous words in the sentence SwiftKey implies the following words and offers a replacement. Swiftkey knows how to learn from your texts, both in the process of input and retroactively if you feed him your correspondence, blog or Twitter.


Download the app:

[appbox appstore 911813648?mt=8 simple]

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey&hl=ru simple]

MoneyWiz 2

This is a useful application for accounting your finances. You will find it easier to flatten debit credit — just remember to input all your expenses and incomes, and you will have all the money at your fingertips.

MoneyWiz 2 1

Among the key features, we can distinguish support for multiple accounts, budgeting, reports for a selected period, synchronization with the Mac version and notification center widget, which allows you to quickly add a transaction without even opening the application.

MoneyWiz 2 3

MoneyWiz 2 2

Download the app:

[appbox appstore 936248215?mt=8&at=11l3Ss simple]

Snap Swipe Drawer

Desktop widgets on Android operating system are designed for quick access to the information you need. However, when you are working in any application, widgets are blocked, so there is no fast access.

Snap Swipe Drawer 3

Snap Swipe Drawer 1

It would be much easier to put widgets in the notification bar, so they’re in range. Snap Swipe Drawer successfully performs this task.

Snap Swipe Drawer 2

Download the app:

[appbox googleplay com.fb.iwidget&hl=ru simple]

Price Helper

This is a really useful application for travelers, which will tell the tourist whether to purchase a particular product and whether the cost is optimal.

Price Helper 2

You just need to point the camera of your phone on a price tag. After this, the program instantly exchanges foreign currency to nairas at current exchange rate.

Price Helper 3

Price Helper 1

Download the app:

[appbox googleplay simple]


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