Power Of Contouring: 80-ears old Glam-Ma!

Look on this imposing lady. Can you believe, that she is 80-years old? Well, good makeup, skilful contouring – and you can lost some 20-30 years! After Kim Kardashian make selfie while contouring, she started popular trend – now this beauty trick become routine for many girls!

And here’s an example of makeup power!

Want to be skilfull with contouring, like those Ladies? Jiji prepared several tricks!

1First of all you need a good brush – an important component of contouring techniques. Experts advise to pay attention to the tapered brush. It is perfectly suitable for both blush and bronzer.

Bronzer is an indispensable tool in contouring. Choose a product from one to two shades darker than your skin color.

Bronzer is used for:

1. Building a beautiful line of cheekbones. Spend diagonally under the cheekbones and jaw line. Even if nature has not endowed you cheekbones like Angelina Jolie has – this technique will help you to get closer to the ideal.

2. Sculpting shape of the nose. Apply on the sides and tip of the nose a little bronzer and it will make it visually slimmer and longer. A key factor in the contouring – clear lines of bronzer.

3. Correction of the jaw line and chin. For example, darkening the right areas will help pull a round face.

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Blush is applied to the “apples” of the cheeks. Many women confuse function of bronzer and blush and applly last one under the cheekbones and bronzer to “apples”. This is fundamentally wrong.

Highlighter – a cosmetic product designed specifically for highlights some parts of the face such as the nose or chin back.

Highlighter is used for:

1. To underscore mouth shapes. Lips will have a distinct form and become visually plump, if you add a drop of flicker on the contour.

2. Contouring nose shape. To make the nose thinner and longer, draw a line on its back and blend well.

3. Correction of eyebrows forms. Apply highlighter under the brow, and you will immediately notice the results.

4. Highlighting of cheekbones. A little flickering of product for “apples” of the cheeks will add an additional skin glow.

Glam- ma Livia

Fab contoured granny Glam-Ma Livia

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