How To Rest Right If You Are A Workaholic?

Why the workaholics are under the risk of getting serious psychological and physical problems? Why even a regular rest sometimes cannot help in such situations? Because all of those who are working hard do one common mistake…

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Mr. John Workaholic

Let’s imagine a Mr. John Workaholic. He is working in his office crazy hours almost drained out. But he is smart. Smarter than the nature. And he is going to cheat it!.. John starts fueling himself with energetics, coffee, and chocolate. He reduces the amount of his sleep. And all of this continues until the stick is broken and John is not yet at the cemetery, but in the hospital. Neurosis, migraines, gastritis, increased blood pressure. In a word, young 25-years old guy comes out with a hospital card that only an old granny can be proud of.


John is scared of his health a bit now so he adds some rest on weekends and an annual vacation. The steam from the kettle comes out a bit and it seems like all the worst is far behind. But stress and migraines and the lack of energy – all of that remains in their places. So what’s wrong now?

Small, But Fatal Mistake

Catch up with a workaholic right after his vacation. Ask him a question, “What did you do? And be sure to hear something like, “I was resting, playing the computer”. At this moment, you will see how uncomfortable he feels as he clearly experiences the feeling of guilt for his resting. And this is his major mistake! A workaholic cannot rest without experiencing the feeling of guilt.


In the worst-case scenario, he thinks about the work all the time. From time to time he reaches out for his smart phone and checks the emails all the time. At best, he doesn’t recall about the work at all, but the feeling of guilt is still there, in his subconsciousness. And this feeling is spoiling all of his vacation. It doesn’t let him to genuinely recover.

I Might Be Contradicted That…

 3…there often comes enlightenment about the work on vacation. And I fully agree with it. But it is not the case when you are thinking about the work all the time. More often it happens when you are completely at rest and your thoughts are flying somewhere else.

How To Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Guilt?

Change your attitude to resting. Resting is not a break in between work. Resting is your award for a good work. You deserve your rest and you have to enjoy your prize with a light heart.

Active Rest

4An active rest is going to help you with it. If I am playing rugby and a 100-kilo man is running to me, I have no time to think about work. So the gym or a simple walk doesn’t fit here, as they give you the time to think about work.

In Conclusion

Only then the rest is efficient when:

1) You are out of your workplace;

2) You don’t think about work;

3) You don’t experience the feeling of guilt for your resting.

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