How To Sell Home Appliances?

Many of us faced with situations when you need to get rid of some thing or need extra money. The easiest way – to go into pawn shop. Well, none pawn shop will pay you enough money, except you are  selling antique. The optimal way – to use Jiji.

But befrore making ad, you need to prepare! So let’s start!

1. First of all make sure your appliance is clean. In your blog you can find a lot of advices how to clean different home appliances.

2.  After you cleaned your goods, time to assess it. Try to look on it and think,how many money would you pay for, if it wasn’t yours. We often overestimate the value and price of our own stuff just becaiuse we like it or get accustomed with it. You can ask your friend or surf on Jiji to see what prices on your appliance is on market!

Well, time to post ad!


3.  In the case your appliance has some drawbacks, fault condition or faulty component – note this it in the field “Description” – buyer can notice it before paying money, and it will put you in unpleasant situation. Be honest with your buyer!

4.  Make photo from every angle, especially where are some drawbacks.
Write about reasons why you sell your device – it would indicate how you appraise your goods.


That’s all! Enjoy online selling with Jiji!