Top 10 Unusual Plants In The World

Would you like to pick the bread, sausage, or candies right from the trees? In some exotic countries it is possible as these products literally grow on the streets. Let’s find out about them more.

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#10 – Kalir Kanda


If you go to India, you will find a wonderful Kalir Kanda there. In translation from the local dialect, it means, “Cheat your stomach”. Having eaten 1-2 leaves of this wonder-fruit, one can feel satiated for as long as one week!

#9 – Candy-tree


If you go to Japan, you will get a chance to meet a sweet tree there. The fruits on its branches taste like acid raisins. That’s why the tree was called “a raisin-tree” or “a candy-tree”. One tree can give around 35 kilos of such “candies”.

#8 – Ketemph


Continuing our journey to Africa, it’s worth vising Sierra Leone. Here you can find a bush called ketemph. Its fruits are sweeter than sugar 100000 times! And most importantly, it doesn’t contain any calories at all.

#7 – Bilimbi


Bilimbi is how the cucumber tree is call in Swahili language. Its fruits reach 13-15 centimeters and correspond to all taste characteristics of a cucumber.

#6 – Palm with oil


During your trip around Africa, it is worth visiting the Gulf of Guinea shore. Here a palm tree grows, the fruits of which have a thicken juice that’s analogue to the ordinary butter.

#5 – Sausage tree


If you go to Madagascar, you will find a tree where there are brown oblongish on its branches. They look seemingly like a sausage and can reach up to 50 cm in their length and 10 cm width. When fried, they can give a head start even to a lamb rib roast.

#4 – Milk tree


Venezuela’s guests probably could see the tree that can be juiced like a cow. This is so called “milk tree”. The taste of its juice reminds the taste of cream with sugar, and if boiled it looks like a cottage cheese.

#3 – Sago palm


On the New Guinea shore one can find a sago palm. The local inhabitants extract the starch from its boon and make delicious pancakes.

#2 – Pastry tree


On the islands of Oceania there is a kind of tree called “pastry tree”. There are yellowish fruits on its branches. And their taste reminds of éclairs with cream.

#1 – Bread tree


As is well-known, “Bread is the staff of life”. That’s why our number one plant is the “bread-tree”, which grows in Oceania. The loafs growing on its branches sometimes reach 12 kilos in their weight. In addition to that, there can be up to 800 fruits on one tree at the same time.

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