Top 5 Best Birthday Present Ideas For Up To N7,000

Begin your treasure hunt with Jiji! We gathered the best discount you could imagine during this season. And here is what we found – if you are almost out of cash but it’s your best friends, family member’s or colleague’s birthday soon, find 5 really cheap gifts up to N7,000 you can buy on Jiji!

You don’t have to worry with amazing gifts at the greatest discounts!

#1 Gift – Jewelry

1 Let’s start from that part of mankind that represents everything that is beautiful – our dearest women. They are certainly going to be glad to get jewelry as a birthday or any other kind of present. On Jiji you can find lots of beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings for the price up to N7,000. So do not hesitate to pick up your best gift!

#2 – Wristwatches

2Now let’s turn our attention to our dearest men and what kind of presents we could offer for the price up to N7,000. You may be surprised, but there are great wristwatches made of stainless steel and silver available on Jiji. So pick up your size and style and get a free delivery directly to your home.

#3 – Educational Toys

3For our dearest heirs there are lots of educational toys on Jiji up to N7,000. All of them are different in their functionality, features, amount of games, puzzles and other entertainment things. Your kids will certainly go into raptures after having gotten any of these educational toys.

#4 – Kitchen Appliances

4For our lovely parents we can offer you to buy some kind of kitchen appliances to ease their older life. This could be a toaster, a juicer, a blender, or a waffle maker. Anything you consider just the right thing, and all of that you can purchase on Jiji for just up to N7,000.

#5 – Cake

5This present will catch practically anyone’s fancy, as everyone loves cakes – from men to women, little girls and boys, and old grannies. And what is the best thing of all is that on Jiji they are always fresh cakes made of the highest quality ingredients and are of the cheapest prices than elsewhere. Don’t wait a moment and hurry up to make an order!

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