Top 5 Toys For Kids Up To N5,000

Begin your treasure hunt with Jiji! We gathered the best discount you could imagine during this season. And here is what we found – TOP 5 best products for your kids up to N 5000 only! Let’s find out what they are together!

Make your kid happy with the goods affordable for your pocket!

#1 – Bubble Gun

1It’s time for bubble fun with this amazing water gun. It is both a perfect enjoyment for your kids and yourself. Recall the memories of your childhood when playing water battles with your little ones. Besides, it is not an expensive pleasure at all – on Jijij you may purchase it for N1,500 to N2,500.

#2 – Educational Tablets

2Make it a habit for your kids to love studying from the very childhood. Educational tablets for children are the right tools to help your kid develop while playing colorful games, dealing with puzzles that can boost your child’s imagination and motivation to know more. The prices of such excitement vary from N2,500 to N5,000 on Jiji.

#3 – Rubik’s Cube

3This magic Rubik’s cube with six faces painted in different colors will definitely make your kid interested and excited. Besides, it helps your children improve their spatial thinking, helps improve skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, memorization, patience and perseverance, helps sharpen memory, hand-eye coordination and general concentration. It is beneficial for all ages and gender, so even you may enjoy it in your spare time. The cost of the cube is between N1,500 and N4,000, which is the cheapest possible price.

#4 – Children’s Mobile Phone

4With the educational children’s mobile phones, it seems unreasonable to ask if toys can provide kids with meaningful educational experiences, as the answer is surely YES! Lovely children’s smart tabs are filled with loads of games and puzzles to keep your kids occupied. It has a lot to keep your children busy. and the cost for it on Jiji is not more than N3,000 and you will nowhere find it cheaper.

#5 – Building Block

5Everyone from boys to girls like playing while building blocks. And you will definitely join the process when see your kids playing and remembering your own childhood. The blocks are all of different color and design which will make your children think and consider what colors look better when put together and what shapes fit each other best. And again, on Jiji you may purchase them for N1,800 to N2,500.

Jiji – the most entertaining goods for your children for the lowest price!

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