Top 5 Ways To Save Money With Jiji

Your treasure hunt with Jiji has just begun! If you’re tired of looking for the best deals for online shopping, we are here to help you, because the most mind-blowing discounts and exclusive deals are already here!

Shopping on Jiji is not only a super convenient and fast way to finally get the products you’ve always wanted, but it’s also a genius way to save money on buying the things you like. With Jiji you don’t have to overpay for anything, from mobile phones to cars, because it’s impossible to find lower prices anywhere on the internet. However, there are some ways to make your shopping even more money saving. Wanna know how? Keep reading!

1. Consolidate your purchases

With every online purchase, unless you are buying from a seller from your own town, you need to account for shipping charges, which can sometimes be as big as the product price itself. It gets even more expensive if you’re buying multiple items from different locations and need to pay for the shipping of each individual item. This is why a smart way to do it is to try and buy as many items as you can from one seller, so that he could consolidate your purchase and make your shipping costs lower. There are a lot of Jiji sellers that sell hundreds of various items, so you can rest assured you will find the necessary items quickly and effortlessly.


2. Negotiate the price

If you’re shopping for a small item like makeup or toys, trying to make the seller lower the price may prove to be a useless task, because the price is already super low. However, with major purchases like house or car negotiation is a necessary part of the buying process. It’s best to talk about the price when you’re already viewing the car or property, and not while you’re only browsing the ads on Jiji – in this case you will be able to see the condition of the item more clearly and point out to possible defects that can lower the price.


3. Keep an eye out for bargains

There are a lot of special periods in online shopping when stores and individual sellers offer great discounts on all programs, and Jiji is no exception – depending on the season, holidays or any other events you can get a very good deal without even trying. The best way to always know about the latest deals is to follow Jiji on social media – preferably, on Facebook. There you will not only learn about the newest bargains and offers, but will also learn a lot of useful shopping tips and other information that will help you improve your quality of life.


4. Monitor the deals regularly

It’s a well known fact that great deals go as quickly as they come. This is why, especially if you’re looking for some particular item, it’s essential to visit Jiji and look for the necessary products at least once a day. That way you’ll make sure not to miss a single great deal and will be able to catch the best possible price. There is a rule in shopping that says “First come, first served”, which means that if an offer is really worth it, there can be multiple people trying to buy the same product, and it’s important to be the first customer – only then you can fully secure the deal.


5. Be patient

Unless you need a particular item very urgently, it makes sense to wait for the best deal available. For example, if you’re shopping for a new iPhone, and the all cost the same, chances are that eventually one seller will set a lower price, which will help you save money on the same great product. In the meantime, while you’re waiting for your perfect deal to arrive, you can browse Jiji for more great deals, check out their Facebook for shopping tips and lifehacks, or inspect your own home and see what you can sell to make even more money.


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