Top 9 Methods For Sun Protection

All of us can’t wait till the summer comes. Partying, going on picnics, hanging with friends outside – lots of joy and good mood. But most of us forget how much danger comes along with everything else. All of them are the dangers connected to the sun and its negative radiation impact, which is especially dangerous for our skin. So let’s protect it together with the 9 tips we have prepared for today.

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#1 – Clothing & head-wear

1Clothing is considered to be one of the best methods of protection from the dangerous impact of sun rays. It is known that the sun is the most active in the period between 10 am and 4 pm. At this time it is not recommended to stay under the heating sun-rays. But if you ventured to come out at this time, try to protect your skin with the relevant clothing and head-wear at maximum. Be attentive when choosing clothing – hats and clothes of dark dense texture absorb more ultra-violet emission. That’s why it is better if you choose to wear cotton clothing of light colors.

#2 – Sunscreen cream

2Experts recommend using sunscreen cream. When applying it on your skin, make sure you put enough quantity of it as to thin lay can decrease its protection capabilities by 50%. And if you are fond of swimming, waterproof sunscreen creams are the best choice.

#3 – The time for sunscreen cream appliance and lip protection

3Apply sunscreen cream 20-30 minutes before coming out to the sun so your skin has enough time to absorb it. Renew your cream appliance every 2 hours and more often if you are swimming.

Your lips are also under the danger of ultraviolet emission impact. That’s why it is important to remember to put some SPF-lip-balm and renew it as frequently.

#4 – Give more attention to the most sensitive parts of your body

4Such sensitive parts of your body as nose, neck and arms are exposed to dangerous ultraviolet emission the most. Experts say that 80% of skin cancer appears on the face, neck and arms. That’s why try to wear hats with wide flaps and protect all of the open parts of your body with the sunscreen creams for especially sensitive body parts.

#5 – Protect the outpouching parts of your body

Keeping up her skin protection

Such outpouching parts of your body as nose require more protection. The paste with the zinc oxide is very often used for such purposes. But usually it is not enough as the level of its protection capabilities is no more than SPF 7, so it’s better to apply some sunscreen cream, let it get absorbed, and then apply zinc oxide paste.

If you walk barefoot on the beach, apply some sunscreen cream on the soles of your feet as they tend to burn easily.

#6 – The sunrays penetrate everywhere

6If you are laying under an umbrella or a tent, don’t think you are protected from the sun. The ultraviolet rays reflect from everywhere – from the sand, the concrete, the ground, and other surfaces. Besides, the ultraviolet can easily come through water, so you are not protected from the sun while you are swimming.

#7 – Avoid the sunburns

7Even though the sunburns are more a common thing for the white skin, it is still one of the dangers that come from the sunrays emission. So remember to apply some sun-protecting oil and sunscreen cream in order to avoid the impacts of the dangerous ultraviolet emission.

#8 – Whichever the weather – remember about the protection

8In cold and cloudy summer days protect your skin anyway. Harmful sunrays can come through the clouds and you are exposed to risk of getting sunburns in any case. This also regards going to the mountains as well. The combination of the heights, snow, winter, and the sun can cause serious sunburns. That’s why the sun protection at the ski resorts are no less important.

#9 – Be careful with taking meds

9Such medicines as tetracycline, diuretic and others can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and increase the risk of sunburns. Some of the essential oils or herbs have the same effect. That’s why it is advisable to consult your doctor concerning the issue of sunrays impact on your skin from the meds you were prescribed.

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