Topical businesses in 2016

We continue to write about the prospective businesses for the year 2016, which do not require special investment, but can lead a small entrepreneur to success.

Read, think & act!


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Self scanners

Self scanners where people can pay for a purchase are not popular everywhere. Although in Europe and America, such helpers began to appear in the major shops back in the 90-ies.


As usual, first you need to find customers (retailers) who are willing to install self-service “islands”, and then look for suppliers and negotiate a partnership.


On average, such cash register costs 1100-$ 2200. Not a small price, but the payback will be within 2 years that in the long term looks very nice.

Creating an affiliate program for webmasters

Affiliate programs on the web live fairly well even in times of crisis. They act as spacers between the webmasters, which have their traffic and their sites, and advertisers who are willing to sell their goods, giving percentage to those who refer the buyers.


Such affiliate marketing is well developed worldwide, and every year this market is becoming more and more powerful.

There are programs that sell wow-goods of sellers, there are cpa-networks, which are created for games, for finance, for consultations. There are many of them and most popular may have a multi-million dollar turnover and great profit.


If you have an idea what new services and products to roll out on the market, you can find your niche and become a lining between webmasters and owners of the product. And of course get your percentage.


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Brow bar

To open even a small patency beauty salon you will need huge investments for the purchase of all necessary stuff and promotion campaign. And what if you focus on the launch of the pavilion, providing only one of the “beautiful services”?


An excellent example are the so-called brow bars – the specialists of these salons only modelling of eyebrows. Now this service is experiencing a real boom! Let’s figure out how to open the brow bar.

Business is characterized by high profitability, owing to low investment at the start and very high popularity of the service. The only thing you will have to thoroughly work on is promotion.


Our evaluation of business:

  • Start investment – 2700 $.
  • Market saturation is low.
  • The difficulty of opening a business – 4/10.

You can buy commercial equipment for the salon on Jiji.

How To Perfect Your Foundation I The Brow Bar

To get your makeup just right, you need to start with a perfect base – but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Cabins for smoking

If there is a budget — that is design and manufacture. If there is no budget – it`s selling. As soon as smoking in public places was banned, many places (cafes, restaurants, clubs) started to think about how to organize smoking areas.


Rumor has it that the anti-smoking measures will only harden, and deputies are considering many laws that support these measures.

Cab is an excellent option for solving this problem.


Partnership in this form of business is a standard scheme, in which you refer customers and earn a percentage for your service. Cabins cost $ 2000, so you can earn a good percentage if you organize a steady flow of customers.

smoking cabins installation film

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