How To Transform A Small Bedroom

Large property is considered to be a luxury these days; while most families dream of a spacious house with lots of rooms for every member of the family, the majority of families are left with small properties. If your house is far from your dream size, you’ll have to learn to live with what you have and utilize every room to maximize its useful space. One of the key rooms in every home is the bedroom, and if you have a small bedroom and want to know how to make the most of it, here are a few tips.

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Get rid of large storage units

There’s no doubt that large wardrobes and dressers are a great way to fit your clothes and other necessities, but when the space is precious, keeping large storage furniture in the bedroom can make the room look crowded and prevent you from comfortably placing other furniture items. In this case the best thing you can do is to use under bed storage units. Despite their modest size, they are quite practical and can hold your belongings, including clothes, bed linens, and other items, so that they don’t take any more space in your tiny bedroom.


Use a sofa bed

Who isn’t dreaming of a luxury king size bed? However, when your bedroom is really small, choosing a large bed can be impractical. Instead you can opt for a sofa bed, which is the one furniture item that has double importance. During the day it can function as a convenient sofa where you can read, nap, or talk to your family members. When it comes to bedtime, a couple of easy motions and your sofa transforms into a decent sized, comfortable bed. Don’t compromise convenience for size – now you can have it all with the help of a sofa bed!


Minimize gadget use

If you can’t live without your electronics, you may soon realize that they take up most of your bedroom space. Gadgets such as entertainment systems, television, gaming consoles, and desktop computers are an endless source of fun, but they are also occupying a lot of space. you have two options here. First, you can move most of the electronics to a more spacious room – for example, the living room. Second, you can go for slimmer gadgets – a newer gaming console, a flat screen TV that can be mounted on the wall, and an audio system that is built into the TV.


Go for a smaller bed

A king size bed is a dream for many homeowners, but when you really think about it, you can’t help but wonder: is it really worth it to get a bed that will occupy half of your bedroom space? A large bed can seem awesome at first, but soon you may grow tired of its huge size. Leave king size beds for luxury hotel rooms and opt for a smaller bed. It can be as convenient and relaxing as a king size bed, but the amount of space you save with the help of a modest sized bed will make you even happier with your choice.


Use wall space

With a tiny bedroom it’s impossible to place all of your belongings on the floor. We’ve already talked about mounting things like flat screen TV and entertainment system on the wall, but, in fact, there is much more useful wall space that many of us don’t really use. Among the things that are better off on the wall instead of the floor is a mirror – a long mirror is a must-have for any bedroom, but placing it on the wall will save a lot of valuable space. Shelves and wall storage units are another great way of maximizing wall use in a small bedroom – there you can store anything, from books and knick-knacks to clothes and shoes.


Get multi-purpose furniture

Furniture that performs multiple functions should now become your best friend if you want to be smart about bedroom space use. One of the best examples of this furniture is beds with storage space underneath them and a couple of shelves above. They will allow you to comfortably place anything that needs a new place, while you can enjoy the amount of space you save thanks to the new furniture. If you decide to go for one big storage unit, make sure it can accommodate all of your belongings, so that you won’t have to get new ones and block the valuable bedroom space.


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