Tricks To Avoid Overeating Out Of Home

As a rule, taught by experience and kitchen scales, each of us already has in stock a few small tricks that help control the amount of eaten food. That’s just not always and not everywhere they can help. What if you’re at a party and the welcoming hostess puts in your plate a third portion of fried potato? What if a colleague at work again treats you with cakes? Here are a few tricks that will help to cope with overeating out of home!

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Eating at work

Sometimes, or time-after-time there is no time to distract from monitor and to have a healthy lunch. So, due to starving, you open our stocks of chocolates in a drawer, or a piece of cake (always there is someone’s birthday!). And, while you have no lunch, you can drink tea with buns. Like you don’t want to overeat, but already ate five, no – seven wafers and muffin. What to do in this case?

Keep healthy snacks on hand. Snacks also can and should be useful. Apple and unsweetened yogurt – in the first half of the day. Crunchy sticks of carrots, celery and cucumber with hummus – in the afternoon. Replace gingerbread package in the table with  a bag of nuts.

Schedule special time for a snack and tea-coffee making facilities. It is important to distinguish itself in the schedule the exact time for dinner, as well as tea-drinking with colleagues. But no more. Lack of excess feasts will save you from unnecessary calories. Believe, so you stop to eat  from 500 to 1,200 unneeded calories!

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Eating being a guest

Sitting at a table with friends, even obsessed with diets, it is easy to overeat. Word for word – piece by piece. You can not sit long time before food, without chewing something from time to time. Get up from the table. Proven technique – immediately after the vegetable salad and chicken rise from the dinning place. Chance location  with a cup of tea to the window, seat on the sofa or chair at a distance. It is to close enough to continue communication, but far enough to take  the next piece of the pie. No other way will stop overeating in this case.

Eating in the restaurant

Generally, the best way to learn to eat like a lady (ie, like a bird) – to go there being satiated or to pay for yourself. Order immediately will be limited by a leaf of salad and a cup of coffee. But if you are hungry and want to eat an elephant in chocolate sauce, it is necessary to proceed with caution. How exactly?

To order one dish. And ask the waiter to take the menu to not be tempted by turning the pages, view photos and want to try something new. After all the food from the restaurant will not go away. Eat slowly. Think deep. And … most likely you will be satiated. Because usually one portion is enough. And two or three dishes “from above”, as a rule, are superfluous.

Or eat half of portions. This is for he case, if you except the pasta still decided to order soup and salad. You can ask to pack the remaining half portion with you. Or just leave it on the plate. Of course,it’s strange to  leave when you paid for that. But, on the other hand, if someone offered you to pay the same N30 or N50 per kilo disappeared from your waist, how would you rate the same amount? It’s a penny! Especially while  in restaurants to enhance flavor,  spare neither butter nor cream, and add them in the greater amount as it is usually required.

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