The Most Unusual Ways To Earn Money

To invent new way of earnings you have to be either very clever or very charismatic, or be beyond poverty.


After reading this post, you will think twice before you complain about life and lament that you find it difficult to find work or come up with some kind of a new business.


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Earning on lonesomeness

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In Chicago, for example, in the 1960 ‘s, there were people-machines (both men and women) who gave a handshake for a fee, wishing a pleasant ride to everyone, who put a coin.

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They had great demand among single passengers, most of whom even argued for making the machine more human, as well as improved them so that they can hug.

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Free Hugs Prank: $2 Deluxe Hugs

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Star Registry

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Who wouldn’t want to have his own star? Many people dream about that. And there is an organization that calls star by the name of a person, paid for such a right. The organization is called ISR (international register of stars), and it works since the year 1979. Celebrities, ordinary people – everyone can “buy” a star.

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When you pay, you will receive a certificate with the name of a star and the date when it was set to the star.

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International Hollywood Star Registry

Just as legitimate as any of the other star “naming” companies. Writer/Editor/Rocky Mozell Impersonator: Brandon Muller Also starring: Andrew Darcy and Stephanie Richins Directed by Matthew Scott Hunter Music by Don Faoro List of graphics, pics, and sounds effects used:…

Garbage kings

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They earn even on garbage in the USA. You think we are talking about recycling? No, they attract tourists with rubbish. One of the New Yorkers built the shack from newspapers, the collection with up to 100 thousand of old and rare issues.

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When American noticed that tourists stare at his house, he started to charge for that $ 1. In order to prevent wetting of his source of income, an entrepreneur built the transparent hood above his house, and earned a fortune.

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House made of Trash on Exploring The Obscure

We visited Cabo Frio outside of Rio de Janeiro and visited the Casa Da Flor (House of Flowers). Gabriel dos Santos spent 63 years building this house made out of trash materials he collected from around his neighborhood. Follow, like and subscribe to our channel!!

A friend for a rent

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You all grew in the company of friends (at least 2-3 of them). But we now have a new era when everything is bought and sold. The result is that you can rent a friend hourly. Someone needs money, someone has no one to talk to. That’s why they rent friends with whom they can talk and drink.


The cost of such a friend is quite large – about 50 dollars per hour. So, if you don’t have anyone to go to the theater, find someone who would agree to do it, and who will be interested in that, and hire him.

Friends for Rent (WK 247.3) | Bratayley

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Computer games tutor

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If the main passion of your life is a game. If your main purpose is to win. If you aspire to become the best, the fastest and leave rivals far behind. And if, instead of improving your skills you go to work, walk children to the Zoo, repair leaky roof and other stuff — the tutor will help you!

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He will teach you your favorite computer game, and your opponents will simply have no chance! You just need to go to a special website where you will be able to choose a suitable teacher and start to learn. So the hard life of a modern gamer will become much easier.

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Teaching My MOM How To Play Video Games!

Teaching My MOM How To Play Video Games! For years I’ve been trying to get my mom to play video games with me! (: Now I’m finally playing video games with my mom! Hahahahaha

Personal paparazzi

Do you lack the attention to your person? Then you can get a crew of personal paparazzi that will surround you with cameras, shooting your every step. Parties, meetings, proms – all this is at the level of a superstar.

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Of course, you can hire all these photographers. By the way, you will have to pay a huge sum.

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‘Paparazzi’ for hire

Want to feel like a celebrity? One company sends photographers to follow your every step.

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