Up- And Down-Sides Of Being A Perfectionist

Perfectionism can be both your advantage and your headache. Being a perfectionism or having perfectionists among your acquaintances has its ups and downs, which are to be considered in this article.

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Being a perfectionist is more a positive thing as one can do his/her work for 100% well. Besides, it is good to have employees-perfectionists in your company as you can be sure the tasks they were given would be done literally perfectly. So what are other advantages of perfectionism?

High Personal Standards

1People-perfectionists tend to have higher requirements to themselves, that’s why it is easier for them to understand what other people want from them and meet all of their expectations. A perfectionist doesn’t do his job twice as there is nothing to improve – everything is perfect anyway.

Much Organized Work Process

2Perfectionists are increasingly organized people. They plan their day by minutes and spend each one maximally productively. Consequently, they manage to meet all the deadlines, and even have some extra time in the end of the day to drink some coffee with the colleagues.

Stickler for details

3Perfectionists’ final work outcome is thought through. The details one includes to their work and where he/she finds the time to make such a flawless work amaze most of the people. Consequently, there are fewer bugs in the final versions of your projects, and so everyone around is satisfied – starting from your employers and finishing with the customers. This is definitely a plus as such people are recognized and appreciated by their superiors, so they are given a chance to build a successful career.

Anyways, the word “perfect” doesn’t always carry a positive meaning. Sometimes it is capable of ruining one’s life and leads to overworking and total depletion. So here are the downsides of perfectionism.

More work

4Almost all the time perfectionists include completely unnecessary work to their projects, which leads them to the waste of time. A perfectionist doesn’t understand that things don’t need to be perfect and there must be some rough edges everywhere.

Often Not Billable

5Very often a perfectionist faces such a disappointment when the extra-work that has been done is not appreciated by anyone. The reason is as simple as the people around might not even recognize it. If you are a web-sites creator for example, and you thrive to do your web-site pixel-perfect and suitable for each browser, it doesn’t mean the customer wants it all that way. The most important thing for them might be just the web-site to work and that’s it.

Can Get You Sick and Lower Your Productivity

6Sometimes perfectionists may get so wrapped up in the details of their work that they don’t finish the big-picture items and don’t manage to meet the deadlines. That leads to frustrations, anxiety, and numerous health problems. Find ways to reduce your perfectionism, so it works to your advantage rather than against you.

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