How To Find Source For Personal Life Force?

Probably everyone has such an acquaintance, who is considered to be a strong person. He/she has such a huge desire to live and to act, has a great capacity of life force, and a strong will. Probably there are moments you want to be like this person. Instead of sparing yourself just start to be a strong personality! Of course, it is not so easy – but it is worth your time and efforts!

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1. The strength is taken from the opposition to the society. Become impudent enough to be happy. Accapt the fact that many people will not like it. The results will be shown in one solar year. It is necessary to consider yourself when falling down into a depression, and treat it as a drop to the ground, belittling self-esteem, and to recover, knowing that the effort is required to open an internal source of joy.

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2. The source of personal power is a sober self-examination under the motto “Well, why I am so unhappy?” Try to say aloud the reasons for your unhappiness. The farther away, the more you’ll laugh at trifles that cause you to be unhappy.
Of course, it is difficult to pull the soul out of suggestions and problems. We cry on the occasion of any illness, and call it compassion. It is known that a bad mood destroys the body and poisons the space. But we understand it mentally.  We have incredibly strong stereotype of emotional empathy for unhappiness, but have no habit to share gladness and good emotions! Good condition is not a reason to rejoice for the modern man. Of course, you will be wrong if you start laughing in the cemetery. However, try to stay calm inside. Think about what it was going to happen. Separation is natural. One day you will pass away, as well as all the rest. This is the cycle of life. When a loved one leaves, we blame ourselves. We are convinced that such a way we fulfill a moral duty to the people, and in fact regretting only ourselves. Better remember the good moments and allow yourself to experience positive emotions.

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3. Personal power can be simulated. Imitation awakens a source of inner strength. If you feel bad, work hard to imagine that you are already strong. You are standing on the stage as an actor. Play like a strong person. Play for real, until you get bored. Game is a simple method of inducing forces. The human body is designed so that if we begin to play the role we want, then after that we get the appropriate internal states. Just like Munchausen, we drag ourselves out of the swamp by pulling hair. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to remember the close relationship of body and soul, the psyche and physiology. Using this method in the direction of joy, personal stretch, we really acquire these qualities.

Unfortunately, people are looking for all sorts of excuses: “Why should I pretend a happy person when I feel so bad?!” The worst thing is that the whole our life is marked with such thoughts. When we respond with joy to joy, when we recognize that the joy of it is better than our sorrow, we serve God, nature, and awoke the geysers of our inner power. We are not talking about the people that make up the mass. The crowd is a separate entity, something very dull and gray. Every person is valuable when they manage to come out from the crowd. The human who lets himself to be happy, does not want to live in total stupidity and so it is not capable to do any harm to this person’s soul.

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