5 Tips To Free Yourself From The Working Overload

Overworking all the time? Can’t manage to finish one task as other ones are falling on your head? Coming back home absolutely squeezed like a lemon? Hmm…seems familiar. Let’s try to fix this together!

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?1 – Your Supervisors Don’t Always Know About Your Working Load


Your team manager will not be able to help you in any way if he/she is not aware of the problem’s existence. A very common mistake – is to think that your superiors know how hard you work and how much tired you get after executing all the tasks. No one knows the most of the details of your work better, but you. That’s why no one will know about your problem until you say it aloud.

?2 – Tell Your Supervisors About The Situation


Talk to your team manager about your working load. Explain why it has increased so much. For example, you’ve been given tasks of one of the colleagues who resigned and you keep doing them until today. Or a load of works on some clients have increased on some definite reasons, etc. Whatever it is, you know better about the nuances as anyone else.

?3 – Offer The Options


To find the solutions to the problem, it is important not say it aloud only but also propose your own ways out. How would it be better to divide the responsibilities among the team members? What tasks can be postponed? Imagine how to find the solution, how real it is, and talk to your manager about it.

?4 – Find Compromises


If your manager will refuse to agree with you or will do nothing about your proposals, it is worth reminding about yourself and your problems and making him/her find the compromise together. Say that every task must be performed well, as it consequences in the results of the company’s business activity. And if one employee can’t manage to do his/her job well enough, then the responsibilities must be divided among several people. You are a part of one team and you have got the same goals. So in hard times it is necessary to find the solutions together.

?5 – Watch The Balance


If you work with two different tasks at the same time and they take all of your time, and here is the third one popping up unexpectedly – then you have to reject one of them. Explain to your managers that one of the tasks must be postponed for some time. Prioritize each one of them, describe the work’s stages and their duration. One cannot disrupt the balance and hope that it won’t influence the quality. But you, as an executor, can present the authentic facts, and make results predictions. A good manager knows what goals the company targets, so if you are really overloaded with work, he/she will give you a break, so you could increase the quality of your work.

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