7 Basic Swimming Techniques

Just a week ago we have learnt to get rid of water fear and have managed to make our first swimming moves. Today we are going to improve our skills with top 7 swimming techniques everyone must know. So let’s go on a swimming ride together.

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#1 Technique – Starfish Float

1The starfish float is the simplest technique in our entire list and is the starting point of all the rest techniques’ learning. It looks like lying on the water on your back with your arms and legs spread apart.

#2 Technique – Elementary Backstroke

2Once you feel comfortable with floating, learn elementary backstroke. It is a basic swim stroke, which uses an inverted breaststroke kick and simple synchronous movements of the arms for propulsion.

#3 Technique – Flutter Kick

3A flutter kick is a simple and at the same time effective swimming technique, which is described by the whipping motions executed by your legs. The prone and the supine positions are the ones for the beginners. When you manage to do them well, you will proceed to the dog paddle, backstroke, and freestyle we will review later.

#4 Technique – Breaststroke Kick

Female swimmer at breaststroke

Once you have successfully managed to learn the flutter kick, it’s the time to proceed with the breaststroke kick practicing. It is a more difficult swimming technique described by treading the water.

#5 Technique – Treading Water

5What does it actually mean to tread the water? It is also one of the swimming techniques that is very useful if you need to orient yourself in the water or to observe something that happens around you on land. All you have to do is to keep your head above the water and the rest of your body upright.

#6 Technique – Sculling Water

6Sculling water is a basic technique represented by floating in an upright position with your head above water and your arms extended sideways at shoulder level. To stay afloat, you should use quick sweeping movements of your arms.

#7 Technique – Dog Paddle

7The last, but not least and probably the most well-known is the dog paddle swimming technique. To execute it, you should remain floating in a more or less horizontal position while keeping your head above the water surface. During the whole process you must keep looking forward and use a flutter kick and paddle forward and downwards with your arms, so from above you look like a dog attempting to swim.

Let’s try all of the swimming techniques together with Jiji

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