7 Things To Know About The New iPad Pro

In the first six months of 2016 Apple has made a number of exciting announcements, including the introduction of iOS 10 and iPhone SE. The upgraded iPad Pro has also gained a lot of attention, but a lot of users still don’t really know how different the new iPad is to its predecessor. If you’re considering switching to the new iPad Pro, or planning to buy your first ever tablet, here are the most noteworthy changes that happened to iPad Pro in 2016.

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Smaller screen

Originally, the iPad Pro revolutionized the tablet market by releasing a 12.9-inch tablet that felt more like a laptop screen than just another portable gadget. Although large tablets have a number of advantages, Apple decided to let the 12.9-inch tablet go, introducing a 9.7-inch iPad Pro instead. Now the Pro looks and feels as comfortable as the iPad Air, and is much more transportable, which is exactly what a lot of buyers were looking for.


New capacity

The “Pro” name of the new iPad suggests improved characteristics, and the double capacity (compared to the previous version of iPad Pro) gives users twice the memory. While the original Pro had only up to 128GB storage capacity, now you can get a 256GB Pro, which turns it from a regular gadget into a rightful work device. And although Apple doesn’t allow users to expand the storage with an SD card, 256GB is more than enough for most users.


Upgraded screen

At first glance, the screen of the new iPad Pro isn’t much different to the iPad Air 2: you get the same Retina display and the same 2048×1536 resolution. However, Apple claims to have made a number of significant tweaks to the latest Pro. For example, there is a 25% brightness improvement and a 40% reduction in reflectivity, which allows you to use your new iPad even on the sunniest day.


Night shift

The problem with device screens making it difficult for users to fall asleep during the night is familiar to most tablet owners. Apple introduced a new solution to this problem – the Night Shift mode. By using geolocation, your iPad Pro will determine your local time and will automatically adjust the screen’s light settings, reducing the blue light and making the yellow hues stronger, which promotes better sleep.


Improved cameras

Like most modern tablets, the iPad Pro has two cameras, in the front and in the back. With the latest Pro Apple unveiled some major changes to the two cameras, introducing new, sophisticated hardware. Now the iPad Pro is equipped with a 12MP back camera that noticeably sticks out of the back of the tablet. With the help of this camera you can take 63-MP panorama shots and enjoy Live Photos and 4K video recording.


Four colors

Luckily, we’re now far away from the times when the only color your iPad could be was silver. Until recently, three colors were available to buyers: Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. The new iPad Pro, however, is also available in the Rose Gold color, which was originally introduced in September 2015 as the new color option for iPhone 6S. Now the iPad Pro can truly express your personality with the help of one of the four attractive colors.


New accessories

Like always, Apple didn’t limit its new release to the iPad Pro, introducing a number of fascinating accessories designed specifically for the new gadget. The most noteworthy of them is the Apple Pencil, which can be used with both new and old iPad Pro. The Pencil allows you to use your iPad in a number of new ways, and is especially appealing to graphic designers and photographers.


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