8 Common Mistakes All Travellers Do. Part 1

It has become popular recently to travel a lot. If earlier people could allow themselves to go on vacation once a year, now it is usual to go abroad twice a year or more. And it is very good, as travelling helps to fill our ordinary days with the brighter moments. But we all are humans and each one of us tends to make mistakes when traveling. So let’s find out what are they and how to prevent them.

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Mistake #1 – Too much stuff in your suitcase


When one is getting prepared with the necessary items to take with them on vacation, it is very easy to overload one’s suitcase with unnecessary stuff. The fantasy starts drawing the pictures of the terrible cold in summer with the 30 degrees heat. And these numerous bottles of shampoo and body lotion must definitely fit the borders of your suitcase. Stop! Are you going on vacation or to an uninhibited island where there is no shop to buy anything? Take only the most necessary stuff to not regret afterwards for carrying that heavy suitcase all way there and back.

Mistake #2 – Strict planning of the route


From one side, the more detailed the plan is, the better you can think over your travel. But from the other side, if one of the points will not be realized, the whole plan might get down. So it’s very important to stick to the golden mean and leave some space to maneuver. Finally, there might be the place you will like as much as you will want to stay there for longer.

Mistake #3 – Too fast tempo


When you come to visit a new country, there is no doubt you want to manage to visit all the most interesting places. And you start jumping from one place to another like a crazy frog attempting to take as many pictures as it’s possible and upload them online. Calm down and relax – put stress on the quality, not the quantity. Enjoy the beauty of the nature, smell the aroma of new dishes, and get acquainted with new traditions.

Mistake #4 – The waste of time for the ticket queues


It has turned possible  long time ago to buy the railway, bus, or air tickets online. And it’s a pity there are still people who spend long hours waiting in the queues in order to buy the tickets every time they plan to go on vacation. Contact the travel agency to buy the tickets using their help or simply make a purchase on your own online.

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