How To Become A Straightforward Fellow At The Gym?

Athletes are not the most tolerant people in the world. At the gym often passions run high, especially if a crowd gather in a small area. Visitors of fitness clubs can scold almost due to anything: a pancake from a bar, the excess droplets of perfume, and even a hairstyle.

Let’s find out how not to become a person who annoys everyone in the gym with Jiji!

Clean up after yourself

Have you ever stepped with bare foot on the piece of Lego? Now multiply this effect on 372 – this will be something like the feeling of a man stumbling on a dumbbell from a bar after an intense workout of the legs. And now imagine that the dumbbell in the middle of the hall was forgotten by you, and some not-in-a-mood muscled guy has stepped on it. Have you imagined that? Do you run fast?

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Consider the hair

Just imagine: you’re with a disheveled bun on your head in your favorite style of “Hi, Grandma,” do fortieth of account squat with a huge weight on feet barely flexes, blushing and sweating, and then She enters the hall. A nymph. With flowing long hair. Takes an ellipse and pushes the wheels in an imaginary distance, occasionally waving “mane”. After a while, the beauty leaves an ellipse, but the hairs remain on all the surfaces. And the next device user is “happy” to think: That would be nice if the phrase “pull out the hair” was not just a figure of speech!

Forget about selfie

No and never. But try not to stuck in front of a mirror in the gym more often than do approaches. Look around you – perhaps in the moment when you take a spectacular position with dumbbells in hand, on-site fitness room neighbor tries to see if he performs an exercise correctly. Just put yourself in his place: you do bench press, and in front of you looms some person with the smartphone at the ready.

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Do not bother

When training long-long enough, at some point you can start to get pleasure from observing the others and think like: “Well, no, she crouches wrong – knees, the knees!”. First, remember that once you were also considered a girl/man with a bad technique too, and secondly, do not bother with the advice that you was not asked for. In case when it is not the trainer to give an advice, it is annoying to almost everyone. Yes, when you see that a person is about to thwart the back, you can politely ask, “Would you mind if I try to help you?”. But in most of the situations, it is better to keep your vast knowledge about fitness with yourself.

Do not use perfume

You know, it looks like a fitness club in purgatory? A great queue for each gym apparatus, consisting of sweaty athletes, who applied on a bottle of bad cologne. Avoid any strong smells – deodorants, perfumes, even shower gels with a strong scent. You’re in the gym, and not at the party. In a small room, even niche perfumes will irritate everyone without exception (and probably even you).

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