Buy Safely With Jiji App

We all know about the convenience and benefits of online shopping, but now there is one more way to make your Internet shopping even more comfortable, money-saving, and secure. With the help of the official Jiji App for Android you can do everything you’re used to do on the web version of Jiji while enjoying the advantages of buying and selling using nothing but your mobile phone. Find out how the Jiji App secures your online shopping!

Get the new, safe Jiji App for Android

Real users only

How often have you found an attractive ad on other websites only to realize that it’s fake and no such user or telephone number exists? This problem has been solved by Jiji. Now, whenever you use the Jiji App, as well as the website, you will only see ads from genuine users, because every user is required to sign up before they can use the service. It means that you will never encounter fake ads as a buyer. And if you’re a seller, this feature also increases your level of safety, as your telephone number and contact info will never be accessed by anyone except real users.


Report ads

Although Jiji has a team of experts who browse ads and get rid of the ones that violate the website policy, regular users just like you can also contribute to the security of the service. Whenever you see a suspicious ad in the Jiji App, you can report it to the moderators and let them take care of it. What does a suspicious ad look like? There are no definitive guidelines on how to find out if the ad is fake, but you can trust your intuition. If the photos look obviously stolen from another source, if the description asks for an advance payment, or if the telephone number provided in the ad is incorrect, you should report that ad immediately.


Always online

If you’re a buyer or a seller who takes online sales seriously, realizing that the website you always use for posting ads is currently offline can be very frustrating. This is especially true for sellers who run their small business online, or for buyers who have an urgent need to purchase a particular product. Luckily for mobile users, the Jiji App will never go offline and will always be there for you. Even when Jiji’s web version is unavailable, you can still access the complete range of ads, including photos and text descriptions, from the App. There is no better way to always stay online than to use the Jiji App!


Send messages

When you are interested in products from dozens of different sellers, making calls to each seller can be not only time-consuming, but also rather expensive. However, there is a way to avoid those extra costs and still get the best prices and service from Jiji. Simply send a message to any seller instead of calling them and get the information you need! You can find out more about the product, including its origin and condition, try and negotiate a discount, and arrange a meeting, all without making a single phone call!


Read reviews

Experienced online sellers and buyers always try to look for more information on the buyer or seller they’re about to deal with. The most reliable and quick way to determine if a particular seller or buyer can be trusted is to look at his reviews. Every time there is a deal made on Jiji, both parties are able to leave a review for the future customers, where they can describe the deal in detail and leave an advice for other buyers. You’ll definitely find these reviews very helpful, so the next time you make a purchase on the Jiji App, don’t forget to leave a review for the seller to help other users make a safe deal!


Buy and sell safely with Jiji