How To Deal With Your Flirting Boss?

 What happens in a workteam – stays in a workteam!

Maybe in your fantasies flirting with your boss leads to a snow-white wedding and a brighter future. But in real life it might lead to losing your job.

Evaluate the situation with the help of this post – and act cautiously, but correctly!

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Light flirt


The boss makes you compliments about your clothes, hairstyles, and praises you for a good work. Necessarily welcomes you when he passes by your workplace, may sit on your table to ask what you are doing at the moment, if there are any difficulties, etc.


How to deal:

This is the sort of flirting that is not harmful. On the other hand, if you leave this unchecked, such flirting can grow into a more serious form – “an explicit flirt”. If there are any suspicions, it is better to nip this in the beginning.

In this case, your task is not to play along. Use modest phrases, uttered not flirtatious, but not in a hostile tone as well. For example: “Oh, stop!”, “I’m just doing my job.”


Say it confidently and firmly, as for example you would have answered the question, “When is your birthday?”. Your tone and manner should not lead boss to a negative reaction, but they should not provoke him to flirt with you.

An explicit flirt


Your boss is looking for the opportunity to speak to you alone, invites you on a date, is trying to improve social interaction with you, asks about your interests and hobbies, wonders if you have a boyfriend or about your relationship with your husband. In general, he wants to learn as much as he can about your personal life, etc.


How to deal:

This is a kind of flirt, which shows that your boss is really interested to get to know you better, to move away from the “working” themes to “personal” ones. Building personal relationship with a boss would necessarily have implications for you, which will have an impact on your work and attitude of your colleagues.

If you want to curb this type of flirting coming from your boss, you need more hardness than in the previous case.


At first, politely reject any requests for dates or other so-called “non-working” meetings. Do it politely, but firmly. Try to answer any personal questions directly, but briefly.

Tough flirt


Here you have to deal with a really serious situation. The boss tries to detain you in the office after working hours when everybody went home, invites you to his office and closes the door with a key, tries to have physical contact in a hallway or in an elevator. He makes you dubious compliments, offers expensive gifts in order to achieve the main goal – intimacy.


How to deal:

Tough flirt, perhaps, is the worst thing that men can impose on women. It is unpleasant, disrespectful, and is often a kind of harassment. You have to be more aggressive in dealing with this type of flirting than in the previous two cases.

Explain to your boss clearly and unequivocally that nothing is gonna happen, and that you are never going to tolerate! If you are quite determined, ask your boyfriend or husband to intervene. If you are lonely, ask your friends. Do not hesitate to ask for help at work among employees of your organization who have some influence (moral or official) on your boss (if you have already realized that you cannot cope with the situation by yourself).

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