How To Follow Your Destiny? Part 1

Daily World Wide Web gets more than six thousand of the purpose of destiny. But what is the destination and why some people are looking for it, while others do not? You’ve probably noticed that when a person clearly shows some quality, his entourage hurry to hang him on a particular label. If a girl truly shows her emotions, she is told that she would be an actress. And if the boy likes to spend time with his father in the garage, he definitely must become the driver or the car mechanic.

Thus, there was a stereotype that …

Myth ?1. Destiny is something like a job or profession, I’ll pass a special test and know my destiny.

Many people mistakenly believe that their destiny or mission is connected to their practical skills. For example, to repair computers, to be a doctor, to work in a bank, or on television – all this is not a destination, it is just a way of expressing it. There can be numerous manifestations of your destination through the profession or any kind of business you do. When you clarify for yourself what is your destination, during your entire lifetime you can change classes, business or professions – writing books, performing on TV, get the title of master of sports, and finally become a chef.

Jiji will not find your destiny, but will save the energy for seeking!

And no matter how different will be your activity, every other time you will clearly understand that you are implementing your potential and your destination. Destiny is the thing, which you can offer to people as you can help them realize their main qualities, in accordance to their highest values. This is what you are willing to do in the morning until late at night, all night long. When what you’re doing energizes you, and you are ready to do it even for free. Knowing and understanding your destiny, you will be capable of reaching such heights that seemed unreachable until now. But not everything is so simple and easy.

Certainly, you are mistaken if you think that …

Myth ?2. If I can find the destiny, it will open up an access to unlimited resources, and give me happiness, money, and anything I want. your mission, you can achieve success, happiness and harmony in all spheres of life. But the very awareness of your destination still does not guarantee you anything. To realize this, you need to add two more important factors to make a decision to live in accordance with your destiny. Proceed in small steps every day. To work and achieve the goals you still have on by yourself. No one will make it for you. Like many others, you will face the failures and setbacks, it will seem that you have chosen the wrong path, at some point you may want to drop everything and go back to the old life. But if it was that simple, probably, there would be no hunger or poverty in the world.

You are the one to build your own life – so make it easier with Jiji!

What helps successful people to live in accordance with their vocation is the boundless desire to act, despite the difficulties and obstacles, despite the fact that other people tell you that you’re wrong, and that you’re crazy. Successful people believe that all difficulties are only the sport barriers that must be overcome on the way to the main goal. And in the moment when you prove your real actions that you do not just want to follow your destiny but are ready for daily work and would not turn away from your goal, no matter what difficulties you meet – the Universe, seeing the seriousness of your intentions, begins to help you. In your life, there are necessary and interesting people, you can easily come in interraction with, you feel gratitude, from other people, for the things you are doing, and so it gives you the new energy and fresh ideas.

Have a nice day with Jiji!