Frozen Aquarium In Japan

In the north-east of Japan in the port town of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, in 2002 unusual frozen aquarium was opened. All the inhabitants of this mysterious place are in the ice. The owners of the popular restaurant «Maguro Shashimi» decided to open the next door, this unusual aquarium to attract customers and for advertising. Soon it bec?me much more popular and than the restaurant turned into a city landmark, which attracts tourists from all over the country.

In the ice aquarium, there are more than 450 species of marine inhabitants are frozen.

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In Japanese, it sounds like «Kori no Suizokukan», which literally translates as ice aquarium. There are more than 450 different breeds and species of Pacific inhabitants. All exhibits were caught and taken to the aquarium from the nearest fishing port. In order to freeze the future inhabitants of the ice tank in natural poses and save some “live” view,  a special method of freezing has been used. Technology is that the capacity of the water with fish is frozen immediately, this method is called flash-freezing (or freeze shock).

The water temperature immediately drops to -35 degrees, at the same time with a special air circulation. This method of freezing is used in modern industry of frozen foods. In the conventional method, where the fish is frozen slowly, ice crystals crystals inside cells, which destroy the cell structure by changing the taste and smell of the product. We all know how unappetizing looks thawed fish! Products stored by flash-freezing, after thawing visually do not differ from fresh, and for lovers of seafood such as Japanese, is an important indicator.

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So the inhabitants of the aquarium were frozen during swimming or crawling, in natural poses. Of course, this is not humane and animal welfare advocates have condemned the opening of the ice aquarium, but on the other hand, instead of the kitchen table and a hot pans inhabitants of the sea have received “eternal” life as an ice museum exhibits. And visitors do not have to worry about fish wag tail and flee in shells, they can carefully examine every flake and recalculate the extremity of deep-sea creatures. The downside is that the viewing angle at the exhibits is only one.

The room temperature is always constant and never overtops -20 degrees. Visitors at the entrance are welcomed with the warm jackets. Exposure inspection time is 5 to 10 minutes, as it is not recommended to stay longer in this museum. Under each inhabitant of the sea, there is a plaque with the name and information about the species. After touring the exhibition of ice seafood, you can immediately taste the creature you particularly liked!

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