Hyper Realistic Paintings On Leaves

1There is no measurement for art. Some of modern artists create a middens and call this “modern concepts”, but some create really amazing masterpieces from every thing they touch. They can use old notes and fallen leaves as canvas, but it’s not the material that defines artistic values of such works. Today’s topic is a hyperrealistic drawing on fallen leaves. And, as a bonus of one of artists – the butterflies on the old notes.

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My name is Janette Rose. I live in Michigan with my husband and two kids.  I’ve had many different jobs and at one point I was in college studying to be a Nuclear Medical Technician.  I was never really passionate for it, so when I met the man I was to marry, it was easy for me to stop pursuing my degree and be a wife and mother.

    I have been in love with anything that has to do with art for as long as I can remember. I grew up coloring, doodling, drawing, and painting all the time. Homework, notes, church bulletins,..etc, all were full of my doodles and ideas. In my young, high school days, I really enjoyed painting on the inside of seashells. This is probably where I gained such a liking to painting on leaves :). When I paint, I tend to pay attention to tiny details. This tendency makes painting on small canvases like the leaf very challenging and exciting for me.  Everywhere I look, I find inspiration for painting: the pattern in the clouds, the shadow from my flowers on the table, the colors on a butterfly.

   Beauty is at the heart of my paintings. God, the greatest artist of us all, has created a world with so much beauty, I
can’t help but be surrounded by inspiration.  Art is in my heart. It always has been and always will be.

 – Janette Rose






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But not only Janette is inspired by leaves! In another corner of the world, in Poland, Europe, young lady Joanna Wira?ka also uses this kind of canvas! But her works are more global – here you can see the night sky, galaxies and big cities from the bird’s eye view!

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