Jiji App – Safe Purchases & Protection From The Scammers

Do you like to buy things via the Internet? You probably know that this method of shopping is a significant advantage over the traditional march to the nearest shopping center – thanks to Jiji you can not only update your wardrobe, buy a toy for a child or make a gift to a friend, but also save your money! Even using the Internet traffic – install Jiji app on your smartphone and enjoy all advantages of on-line shopping!  But don’t forget about safety in the rush of buying!

Jiji makes anything possible to save its customers, but some things  depend only on you!

Users often do not read the terms of use online. This is a big mistake, as all of the really important information is there. And if you decided on a major purchase (eg, cars), be even more serious. Read about the seller in social networks! Find the seller’s profile on Facebook – this can be easily done with a mobile phone – look for his name on the Internet – maybe someone has already had to deal with this person! And never pay in advance – only after you see your purchase at the meeting! Why should be aware? Jiji provides you with the market place, and is allows only honest people to use it.

How is it possible? Let’s find out with help of Jiji app!

You can immediately receive an answer from seller/buyer and recognize the scammer:

  • Fake payment services. Jiji.ng does not offer any form of payment scheme or protection. Please let us know if someone offers such services;
  • Fake information requests. Jiji.ng never sends emails requesting your personal details. If you receive an email asking you to provide your personal details to us, do not open any links. Please report the email and delete it;
  • Fake fee requests. Avoid anyone that is asking for ANY fees to buy or sell an item or service. Jiji.ng never requests ANY pre-payments from its Buyers and does not accept the items that are not located in Nigeria, so import and brokerage fees should never be required;
  • DO NOT accept requests to use money transfer services, such as the Western Union or MoneyGram. These services are meant for transactions between people who know well each other, not for anyone and many scams run through them. Avoid requests to use these services.

You can appreciate the actuality of add immediately:

  • photo quality
  • avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices, promises of quick money, offers to pay for the releasing of the product from customs or whatever else.

Buy safe with Jiji app!