Magic Arch For Glorious Interior Design

Arches are actively gaining a place in homes and apartments nowadays. As an elite elements in the interior design, they are most often installed in the hallways, especially if they consist of several rooms and have an elongated shape. The doorway to the kitchen and the living room are also a convenient place to put the geometric copes.

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Translated from the Latin word arch means “arc”, “bend”. It is used as a separator space in architecture more than 4,000 years old and from the architecture of the ancient East gradually migrated into the interior of ancient Rome. Temples and palaces of wealthy Romans are impossible to imagine without the arched ceilings.

For several centuries the arch changed slightly, and its functions have remained virtually the same:

  • arches allow the room to give the originality and individuality;
  • visually divide the space into separate parts and at the same time are architecturally unifying.

Types of arches

When choosing a design solution, consider the geometry. It is because of it the arches are divided into:

  • Classic – absolutely correct radius of the arc. This solution is applicable in almost any interior. The doorway acquires softness and subtlety. It is most commonly used form of arched ceilings.
  • Modern – arch has a pronounced rise. There are 2 versions – with or without legs.
  • Ellipsoidal – an arc of the door is in the form of a right or wrong of the ellipse.
  • Romance – the top arc has the the cut is in the middle and a horizontal surface with rounded sides.

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If you are designing a new building or to convert your home, think about how to turn on the arch as a decorative element. Many rooms in our apartments in the original version did not suggest the presence of arches, but you can easily convert a conventional doorway in an accurate shape. Vaulted ceilings look great in the hallways and passages that have insufficient light illumination. Yet they have the additional function of zoning: break up the space, creating a mini-rooms. The spectacular decoration and zoning of the room – that’s an easy assignment, as if arches in the children’s room, large dining room, and a studio apartment.  Arched windows are stylish decoration for any home. Windows can be of different sizes, so make sure that the arch they get are empty and vary in size, but with the same proportions.

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