Secret Ways To Get Up Early

Morning coffee is great, but there are many other, more efficient and smart ways to wake up early in the morning quickly and efficiently!

Try these methods yourself – and share them with your friends – they have to get up early too!


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Put the alarm clock in the right place

If you put the alarm in the far corner of the bedroom, behind the door or even in another room, then it will clearly help you quickly get up – to turn it off.

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Stock up hartshorn

Noble ladies in the past always had a bottle with hartshorn – it helps to freshen up, cheer up and makes you feel good. It is best to leave it on the bedside nightstand, so it was always on hand.


Make your bedroom a pleasant place for relaxation

Starting from the color of the wallpaper on the walls and finishing with patterns on your sheets – these are also very important factors. As well as your pillow.

It is even better if you put your bed so that the morning sun will shine you straight in the eye, then you won’t sleep long.

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Make it loud!

To not give yourself a return to “The Kingdom of Morpheus”, you must create a nice and loud background sound. If your TV has a timer, set it at the time of awakening. Let it turn on at a fairly high volume on your favorite music channel.

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Open the window!

It is necessary to ventilate the room before bedtime, this way you will fall asleep much faster. In the morning open the windows wide open and chase the sleep away from the apartment!


Forget about the Snooze button

Set it precisely to the desired time (6-7 am). Do not pull the Snooze button – stand up!


The right clothing for sleep

Pajama should be comfortable. Nightgowns that find themselves on the ears in the morning are not very conducive to sound sleep.

Choose light pajamas made of finest natural fabrics. And even better advice – sleep naked!


Awakening aroma

Use essential aromatic oils in order to wake up. Orange, ginger, juniper, lilac, and eucalyptus are perfect for the awakening.

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The right melody of the alarm clock

It should not be too soft, or you just won’t wake up. But don`t choose too harsh and loud one, it can be annoying.

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Massage your fingers

When the alarm starts ringing, start to carefully massage every finger. Repeat 2-3 times on each hand. Also massage the ear lobes for a couple of minutes.

The thing is that fingers and ear lobes have a large number of nerve endings. When massaging you make an active stimulation. The body starts to wake up.


Wash your head

It will help you more than just to take a shower. We dive into the cool water with our head — “OMG!” — and sleep just vanishes. And if your shampoo has a pleasant, invigorating smell, aromatherapy will do even more.

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