Where To Start Dwelling Repair From Zero?

Purchase of apartment in a new building is usually the beginning of a great epic called “repair”. Often home is set for dwellers without finishing. Where to begin repairs in the dwelling?

Jiji has the answers!

The renovation in a new building should start from the selection of building materials. For example, for a floor in the rooms, you can choose flooring, and for the bathroom – tiles, which can easily be changed after few years. Fabric wallpaper ideal suits for walls, but the ceiling can be made of drywall and be suspended.

When planning a renovation, do not forget to replace the windows and doors. Windows can be installed plastic – they are durable and are not afraid of deformation. For water supply, the installation of plastic pipes is recommend. The cost of repairs in the building depends on the cost, quality materials and the choice of the building company, if you decide not to repair on your own.


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First of all, during the repair the set partitions of brick or drywall should be set if they were not originally installed by builders. Then cut a holes and indents for wiring and piping. Next, you need to breed around the home wiring – for outlets, lighting, doorbell, washing machine, alarm system, electric oven, and so on. Remember that electricity is necessary to bring to the switchboard of the apartment. After that, you should carry out the connection and wiring of sewer pipes in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Do not forget to connect the pipes for hot and cold water and set on the hole for ventilation grills. Than plaster walls, make ceilings grout, make door trim slopes and window openings.


One of the initial steps is to connect the pipes. Do the panels and pipes primer. Make frames shelves and built-in cabinets, perform their primers. Next install interior door frames. Perform waterproofing the floor in the bathroom and the toilet, run the floor screed after drying, and then set the sink and tub in the bathroom. Then you can perform throughout the apartment ceiling finishes and plaster walls and slopes throughout the apartment. Paint pipes and panels, lay the floor throughout the apartment, install switches, sockets. Now take a look around and complete the repair in necessary places.

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