Stop Going Bananas About Slimming!

The holy goal to lose weight is certainly worth respect. But it is not one of those cases when everything is fine to achieve the goal!


If you only knew how many myths about weight loss there are in the world – and how many people trust them, you would have revised your methods of saving shape long ago!

Maybe it’s the right time to review them now?!

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Getting faster results

The faster you lose weight, the better – this is definitely not right.

If a person loses more than 3 kg per month, then, along with fat, he loses many non-fat tissues, for example, muscles.


The exception is the first month of a diet when losing weight due to excess water excretion may be slightly higher. It makes no sense to talk about the effectiveness of the slimming method without taking into account its safety.

Breakfast is not a necessary meal

This is just another myth! Doctors at the Cambridge hospital have discovered that high-calorie breakfast helps to maintain normal weight. If your morning diet consists of 50% of the calories that you normally eat during the day, then the body has more time to process them all.


Moreover, rejecting to have breakfast can lead to gaining weight. Deprived of the food, the body tries to make the fat reserves, and it ends up with the accumulation of weight.

Forget about sugar

False! Nutritionists at the University of Queen Margaret in Edinburgh came to the conclusion that a small amount of this “luxury” is even useful.


An experiment was conducted with the participation of 60 women suffering from overweight. They were divided into three groups, and two months later, it became clear that the group that ate sugar in small amounts and have been doing a lot of exercise lost much weight.

Don`t eat after trainings

This is gibberish. Once you have spent energy on a regular workout, your body strives to fill it.


If this does not happen, it gets a signal: store more fat at every opportunity. If you give body the energy it needs, it will not be “worried” about stocks for the “black day.”

You can`t lose weight if you`re 30+

This is ridiculous! Many women older than 50 years have a neat shape. Reduce calories by avoiding cakes and fast food.


And try to exercise more. Go hiking every weekend, enroll to the pool or GYM.

You can lose weight using laxatives

Certainly not! Fat cells can not get into the intestine, thus, diuretics and purgatives cannot remove them. Laxative can reduce weight for a while, but then obesity begins to progress.


Diuretic categorically cannot be applied without evidence and prescription. Prolonged use of diuretics and laxatives may lead to a breach of the kidneys and the intestines.

Slimming apparel helps lose weight

All of these neoprene shorts, breeches and belts can help you sweat rather than lose. These are two different things. You lose water, not fat.


That is, such clothes, help disguise some flaws. Another thing is if you regularly attend training in special clothes for weight loss – this way you’ll be able to throw off those extra pounds!

The pills that help lose weight

This has already been discussed many times in the media. The most innocuous of pills that reduce weight contain laxatives and diuretics. The most dangerous drugs contain very strong medicinal components that adversely affect the body.


The consequences can be unpredictable – from diseases of internal organs to mental illness!

Any drugs for weight loss need to be taken only by prescription!


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