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«Tech News From Smart Home»

We have already mentioned some innovational devices created for a “Smart home”.

At the present day we can see much more of them. Therefore, if you are equipping your home in the way of the latest technological trends, this post is for you!


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Tired of the neighbors? Sono noise reduction system!

The device is attached to Sono windowpane suction. It includes a microphone and a speaker that is attached to the glass and uses it as a resonator. As the testing of a prototype showed, it allows to reduce noise at 12 decibels.

Sono 1

Sono uses advanced technologies of processing the sounds. Due to this, it is possible to use selective noise reduction. Built-in signal processor captures different types of sounds and, according to preliminary settings, the device can eliminate some sounds and leave the others.

That is Sono may not absorb the noise of leaves, rain or birds singing.

HomeKit: Smart house – with smart Siri!

Devices that can make our homes smarter have appeared long ago, but recently they started to support HomeKit from Apple.

HomeKit platform, widely announced and presented at the last year Apple demonstration, gradually comes into the world infiltrating into the devices of “Smart House”.

HomeKit provides a rapid integration between devices that support Home Automation Protocol, and iOS devices. This is the skeleton of a “Smart House”.


Here are some devices that use HomeKit protocols:

  • Elgato Eve Room is a sensor that measures the temperature, humidity, and air quality in general. Thanks to the integration with Homekit, you can check the air parameters just asking Siri about this.
  • iDevices Switch is a gadget that is able to automate enabling and disabling the devices connected to it.
  • Using Schlage Sense Deadbolt Bluetooth, Siri can control the door locks.

SafeRise: VideoIdentify me!

American commerce is probably the fastest in the world. Today “smart” technology by Israeli video identification system already embedded in cities such as New Jersey, Montreal, and São Paulo.

Initially, video recording technology «SafeRiseinMotion» was designed in Israel by military intelligence.

SafeRise 1`

Camera analyzes facial features and calculates pixels on the photograph with a high precision.

Neorest cyber toilet: the coziest place on Earth

They say that sewage is a sign of civilization. But remembering the Roman aqueducts for a “smart house” makes no sense. The future of plumbing fixtures now in Tokyo.

Automatic toilets and their integration with bidet was probably planned by the Ottoman Turks. However, it is believed that it`s the Japanese, who created this ingenious toilet.

Neorest 1

The invention of the “Neorest” includes heated toilet seats, automatic opening lid, antibacterial surface, sensory deodorizers, aeration, and tornado flush modes. In Japanese toilets, there are the functions of hair dryer and hydro massage. You can also be tested there and even listen to birds singing!


Seek and find the coolest novelties from the world of electronics and home appliances on Jiji at reasonable prices!

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