How To Treat Properly Scratches On The Face

Scratches on the woman’s face spoil its aesthetics and attract the attention of people around, so many girls are trying to disguise imperfections with an incredible amount of foundation and powder that is not the right solution. To eliminate the scratches and abrasions on your face, there are many techniques and home remedies.

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How to cure a shallow cut on face?

In order to heal wound faster and not allow it to create additional problems with the skin, everyone should be familiar with the basic technology for the treatment of scratches.

Your priority action should be washing the wound. Use your fingertips to push slightly the skin around the wound and wash it with hydrogen peroxide – 3 times is enough. If the scratch was left by the animal or object that can cause blood poisoning, you must treat the wound with disinfectants. Wipe the scratch with alcohol or spirit – moistened in it cotton swab or pad and with neat gentle motion treat the wound several times. The next step is treatment with iodine. Apply a thin layer of iodine on the wound, so it is quickly absorbed and does not leave any traces behind, it will dry and disinfect the wound and help it to heal faster.

To accelerate the healing process, use creams or ointments with regenerating properties. You can not rip off the crust because this will slow down the process of healing wounds and can trigger the emergence of scars.
To get rid of the scar on the skin after the wound, you can use scrubs that contain fruit acids or special ointments.

If you do not want to risk your health and beauty of the face, you can turn to the beautician, who will conduct all necessary steps under sterile conditions using the latest products and equipment. Where to find such a specialist? On Jiji, there are many of qualifies ones!

Home remedies for scratches removing from face

For early treatment of scratches on your face, you can use the following recipes:

Every day, wipe the place of the wound with coconut oil – it will help to heal the wound without crusts and scars.

Tea tree oil. This oil is also able to heal the wound quickly and hold its decontamination.

Kalanchoe juice. Use Kalanchoe leaf juice and grease scratch at least 3 times a day. Instead Kalanchoe -you can use Aloe Vera leaves.

Wipe damaged skin with fresh lemon juice for scar prevention.
Almond oil. Massage with almond oil helps to get rid of the scars. Warm oil is applied to scratch and is rubbed it in circular massaging movements for 7 minutes. The course of the massage is 14 days.

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These agents can be useful only if you have no allergy to the components. To increase the effectiveness of treatment of scratches you can apply alternately listed procedures. In order to make scratches less visible, and their treatment was effective and short-term, try to remember the following recommendations:
It is not necessary to mask the wound with tonal foundation and powder, such actions will make the scratch more noticeable.

Make a scratch may be less noticeable by changing hairstyles: the formation of curls, bangs, loose hair will help to hide from others available on the face of a temporary lack of skin. During the treatment of wounds, try to minimize the usage of plaster: it does not allow the skin to breathe and inhibits its renewing. Also, it can lead to inflammation of the skin and other dermatological problems.

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