Unbelievable Home ApplianCES 2016!

Are you planning to bring something new to the world of your home? See what interesting gadgets leading manufacturers of household appliances created for you!

Refrigerators with built-in tablets, kitchen shelves, which wash the dishes themselves, vacuum cleaners that know how to clean the apartment better than you do!

We’ve already written about some unique home appliances features. Let’s take a closer look at genius inventions presented at CES 2016! 


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Samsung POWERbot Turbo

There is an inverter motor allowing the appliance to automatically vary the power during operation. The robot removes particularly dirty places with the maximum possible intensity and suction.

Samsung POWERbot Turbo 1

Camera (Visionary Mapping Plus technology) and 10 sensors help to choose the direction. To recognize small obstacles, it has FullView Sensor system.

Another unique feature – Point Cleaning. Remote control of a vacuum cleaner becomes a “laser pointer”: it will clean up wherever you want!

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Samsung Powerbot Robotic Vacuum VR20H9050UW

Unboxing-Review, Model# VR20H9050UW VR9000

LG Twin Wash washing machine

The first of its kind washing machine with front-loading with a revolutionary TWIN Wash system simultaneously washes two loads of laundry. Thanks to its compact washing machine at the base of the device, the overall wash cycle decreases over time and requires fewer loads.

LG Twin Wash

TurboWash 2.0 and TurboSteam technologies reduce cycle time, and WiFi and NFC allow you to use the powerful opportunities of “smart” connecting to other devices, including using the messaging service LG HomeChat.

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Conoce más del producto aquí: http://bit.ly/2unUlXB LG presenta un producto innovador en el mercado: LG TWIN Wash cambiará tu paradigma acerca del lavado. El LG TWIN Wash engloba es ​​todo acerca de la eficiencia y conveniencia , para ayudarte a lavar dos cargas separadas al mismo tiempo y de manera eficaz.

LG Tromm Styler smart wardrobe

Forget about the situation when you don`t have enough time to wash and iron your clothes!


LG Tromm Styler not only “irons” clothing (compactly hanging in the closet), thus eliminating even the smallest creases, but also removes unpleasant smells and sterilizes. For these purposes, such a closet doesn’t even need water.

Additionally, you can buy air fresheners to soak the clothes at the request of the owner. The sound of operating “closet” does not exceed 40 DB.

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TVCF.net – LG TROMM Styler

LG Signature Door-In-Door fridge

The world’s first refrigerator with double door design.

Easy to use “Easy Open” button provides easy opening refrigerator doors. Additional door discreetly integrated into the main one, opens at the touch of a button, and it demonstrates a roomy part – you will find everything you need!

LG Signature Door-In-Door 2

The refrigerator has an energy class A ++. It is the highest rate. Revolutionary linear inverter compressor provides stunning energy expenditure reduction rates and lower noise level.

A special cell structure surface – Moist Balance Crisper helps to support optimal moisture balance.

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LG New Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator : Don’t miss your special moments

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Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Imagine a stove, which has no burners, but which is able to warm the exact place that you specify, it can place a lot of different cookware and works like one big touchscreen.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

Pots, pans, and kettles heat by induction method and recipes can be displayed directly on the surface of the stove and you can flip them through directly in the cooking process without the risk of burning your fingers.

Isn’t it a kitchen miracle?!

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