Updated Jiji App – Now It’s Easier To Sell Online!

We live in the day and age where online shopping is gradually becoming more popular every year. Now you can not only take advantage of the low prices and great deals you find online, but also make a living by becoming an online seller. With the brand new Jiji App you can sell anything, whether you’ve just cleaned out your closet and want to get rid of some things, or you’re a professional seller. Here is what makes the Jiji App such a great choice for sellers.

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Sell anything

The app is divided into multiple categories, which not only make it easier for buyers to find the goods they want, but also allow sellers to adjust their ads and target the right buyer. There is almost nothing you can’t sell on Jiji with the help of the app. The most popular categories include cars, mobile phones, real estate, makeup, clothes, shoes, baby products, and furniture. However, if you look more closely at the app, you will discover dozens of categories, and one of them will definitely match your needs.


Save traffic

Considering the Internet costs in Nigeria, it’s not surprising that users try to save as much traffic as possible. That is another reason why the Jiji App is a must-have for online sellers. Thanks to the sophisticated algorithms, the app cuts the traffic, helping you lower your expenses while giving you the same excellent user experience. It’s important to note that the Jiji App consumes even less traffic than the mobile version of Jiji.ng, which is why we recommend every Jiji user to give the app a try.


Create ads for free and promote them

One of the best things about Jiji is that you can create multiple ads with descriptions and photos absolutely for free. However, if you want to maximize your chances of a great deal, you can use one of the great ways to make your ad more visible. For example, you can pay a little money to place your ad on top of the search page, where thousands of people will see it and the efficiency of your selling process will jump up to the roof. Still, you can effectively sell completely for free if you want to!


Always be in touch

There is nothing more important for a professional online seller than to always be online, so that you wouldn’t miss a single phone call or message from a potential buyer. That is why it’s so frustrating when the website you sell on goes offline and you get cut off from your buyers. Luckily, this will never happen to Jiji App users, because the app will always keep you online, even when the web version is down. Don’t miss a single message and manage your ads in real time – with Jiji you’ll be online for as long as you want!


Deal with real users only

If you have any experience with selling goods online, you know how annoying it is when you think you’re talking to real users only to realize that they are the fake ones. With the Jiji App you can forget about this problem forever, because every user needs to go through a registration process in order to use Jiji and start communicating with the sellers. It means that every phone call and message you receive from a prospective buyer comes from a genuine user.


Enjoy high security levels

Security and privacy is one of the top concerns for Jiji developers, which is why all Jiji users are guaranteed to have a safe and secure shopping experience. Not only do we take measures against possible security breaches and threats, but we also take user reports very seriously. Whenever you spot anything suspicious in the app, including an obviously fake user or telephone number, don’t hesitate to report it to the Jiji moderators and let them take care of it, so that your selling process could be as safe as it’s always been.


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