There Will Be No More VCRs. Time For Digital Recording!

It is very hard to believe, but some people still use VCRs and VHS cassette format for watching movies. Despite the transition of mankind on such formats as DVD, Blu-Ray and other “digital”, very hard-nosed individuals continue to use their old tape machines. But all good things sooner or later ends, and here in August with  the last VCR will descend from Japanese conveyor.

Last Japanese company, engaged in the release of VCRs, for now, is Funai Electric. According to the authoritative edition of the Nikkei, the manufacturer plans to stop VCRs line production in August 2016. The reasons for such a decision, as you may have guessed, is quite obvious. VCR market is extremely small, and some of the components necessary for the production of electronics, today is incredibly difficult to acquire.

2016-07-28_161505Many people recorded family events and vacations on VHS to watch them with friends. Time to move in the new age – digital. You need to find the courage to throw away old VHS cassettes.

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Other Japanese electronics giants have left the business for quite some time. Sony has stopped producing Betamax tape format about a year ago, although the latter is a VCR came down the assembly line already in 2002. But Funai did not give up until the last. The company produced a tape for Sanyo, and it, in turn, sold them around the world. The first VCR of Funai company released in 1983 and sold an average of 15 million units per year until recently. Sales for last year amounted to only 750 000 boxes, it is this sad statistic led to the cessation of the production of video recorders.

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