10 Best Tips To Control People (Part 1)

Do you want to have the ability to make people count with you just with one single look? Do you want to learn not to yield to pressure and even with the most terrible person be able to communicate easily? Here are the first half of tips that will be of service to you both in business and in private life.

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#1 – The Right Gaze

1There is a special gaze that can make people count with you and accept you as a strong competitor on a subconscious level. This special gaze can become a useful tool in any contradicting situation when you have to claim that you are the one to take decisions here. For this, you should look into the eyes, not on the upper part, but sort of through the eyes touching the soul. It looks like a gimlet eye, which tells about your decisive state of mind.

#2 – An Energetic Pause

2To get what one wants, people sometimes use the method of indelicate question while in the surrounding of the other people. When in private you would refuse to answer right away, but when there is a crowd of people around, you might get lost and give an inaccurate answer. In order to not get trapped into such a trick, use the method of an energetic pause. You look into the questioner’s eyes the way like you are about to answer. He is getting ready to accept your response, but you do not say anything. You continue to look at him, but you don’t say a word. He, totally confused, looks away, after which you start talking about something completely different. Trust me, he will never try to ask you indelicate questions while in the surrounding of other people anymore.

#3 – Pause & Encouragement

3Sometimes people are trying to demand something hoping only for the intensity of their demanding. I mean, both of you understand that the demands have no basis behind it. Nevertheless, he is actively and very emotionally demanding something, counting on that you will cede trying to avoid the conflict. But if you respond the same or will start contradicting, the conflict will take place. Instead of this, take a pause and in a friendly encourage your counterpart to continue the conversation. If the person feels support, he becomes less angry and starts talking in a more calm manner.

#4 – Protection From The Gaze

4Of course, you are not the only one to use the tricks. Other people also have this special feeling of what they must do to reach their targets and they behave accordingly. If you noticed an intent look of your counterpart, then he might be using a psychological trick on you to influence your actions. Remember, you don’t have to take a staring contest. Look your counterpart in the eyes, smile, and let him understand that you have noticed his gaze and that you don’t care.

#5 – Fight A Dislike

5Very often life bumps us against unpleasant people, who we are forced to communicate with while keeping good relationships with them. In order to maintain a good relationship and get from this person the most you need, you have to literally fight your dislike to him. And this you should do not only putting a false smile on your face, but tuning into the beat of empathy to this person. For this, imagine him a small child. Little children tend to behave badly and it will be easier for you to accept this person the way he is.

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