10 Best Tips To Control People (Part 2)

Yesterday we started learning how to control people and what is more important – how to not let them control or influence you in any ways. Today we are going to proceed with other 5 no less valuable tips.

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#6 – Pressure

6Many people in order to get the desired? put pressure on other ones. In most cases, it looks like repeating the same requests lots of times – whether in soft, harsh, insisting, or emotional form. The main goal – is to achieve what they want. To deal with it easily, you may ask a direct question, such as “Are you pushing me?” As a rule, a person gets confused and will never come to force you do anything again.

#7 – The Ability To Say “No”

7You should learn to say “no”, as it will greatly help you to fight manipulators, among which you will meet intrusive partners as well as your friends and acquaintances. For this, you must learn to say “no” – and it shouldn’t be anything like “don’t know” or “we’ll see”, but a strong “no”. Of course, such kind of answer is not suitable in any of the cases, but in definite situations it is necessary.

#8 – Don’t Explain Your Refusal

8This is also a great skill, which can be acquired with experience only. If you said “no” to someone, then you must manage to do it without explanations. Along with that, you shouldn’t feel the guilt that you said “no” without explanation. People feel your internal mood and if you are not sure with yourself, they will feel it too.

#9 – Non-Proof Position

9In negotiations, proving your rightness usually plays a negative role. Rightness is the state of mind, which can be transferred on the level of feelings. You must feel that you are right, so the others feel it too. If you start defending your position with the arguments, this can destroy your self-awareness. For example, if you make an argument and get an argument back, and again make another argument, then you accept that your first one was weak. This leads you to the loss of your positions and your untouchable belief in your rightness.

#10 – Establish A New Role

10If you are taking up a new position – becoming a Unit Head or a team captain – you should establish it right away defining your responsibilities. As soon as it’s possible, do something right after entering into your new role – something you wouldn’t do when in your old one. Make a decision, give an order – do anything to make people aware of your new responsibilities and rights.

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